NailNation 3000 Review and Swatches - Happy Holo Days 2014 and Wrapped in Shimmer

Hey guys!

I'm back from my little "break" that I had. It wasn't planned or anything like that. I just had some things happen that stopped me from getting any posts up!

Today I have two soon to be released polishes from NailNation 3000! My favorite brand in all the land! 

There will be launch this Wednesday with LOTS of new colors, some of which I'll be sharing here, including these two! The polishes you see today are part of the 2014 Holiday Collection. 

Make sure to swing by the NN3000 FB page - click here - to check out all the seemingly endless sales for this upcoming holiday season!! 

Okay let's get to it shall we?

Happy Holo Days 2014

Wrapped in Shimmer  
Coats -
Two flawless coats of each polish. Perfection!
Color Intensity -
Happy Holo Days 2014- This is my favorite of the two polishes! It's this magical light olive with a blue base and flame. This is an absolutely beautiful polish. Even more so in person. A MUST have not just for the holidays but for any season!
Wrapped in Shimmer - This spunky little thing is perfect for all the glitz during the holidays. I wasn't sure if this would take awhile to build up but it was two easy coats and no issue removing like you would imagine with a glitter heavy polish. Perfectly smooth and super fancy. 
Base Coat - 

 Where to find NailNation 3000 -

**these pretty polishes were sent to me for swatches and my 100% honest review**

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