Enchanted Polish Review and Swatches - August 2014

Hey guys!

I forgot to schedule this post to go live today at 9 am like I normally do. I'm all about schedules and I like for posts to go up the same time each day! Oh well. Better a couple hours late than never.

Today I have some swatches of a shifty little minx from Enchanted Polish. Tuesday I shared swatches of September 2014 and today I have August 2014. This one was definitely the showstopper out of the three monthlies that were up for pre-order awhile back.

There are so many colors in this polish. I tried to capture what I could! We are sunless here for the most part so I couldn't manage any direct sun photos unfortunately!

Just a hint the macros really show the colors the best!

August 2014

Ta da! Pretty neat right?

Needless to say it's not super easy to capture all the shifts in this but I think you get a good overall idea of how much shiftiness is happening with August!

Thanks for reading! See ya next week!

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