Mani Monday - Aly's Dream Polish Review - Cherry Coke

Hey everyone!

How was your weekend? 

I stayed close to home (not that that's much different than any other weekend) because I've been pet sitting for the last week. My buddies Griffin and Bella are my two fave cats...well two favorite that aren't mine! If you've followed the blog for awhile you've heard about them before!

Did the time change throw you off at all? It's such a double-edged sword this whole fall back bit. I love that's it's light outside when I leave for work but loathe that it gets dark so early!!


So today I have an AMAZING polish to share with you. Have you heard of Aly's Dream Polish before? Aly has some of the most divine holo polishes and the bottles are my favorite shape of polish bottle! The formula is easy to work with and the colors are so rich and vivid.

This won't be the last review of an Aly's that you see!!

Today I have Cherry Coke to share with you. Take a look-see!

Helloooo gorgeous. It's such a unique color. It's not red, or purple, or's a beautiful mesh of the three depending on the lighting.

Bottle shot!

One of my favorite macros so far. This gives you a look at the gold holo that really shines in the sun. Stunning.

There's so much happening in this polish but it's so subtle and lovely. 

Ugh. So pretty. I can't wait to share more of her polishes with you!

Aly's will be having a much anticipated pre-order on Wednesday in her shop

If you want to get a look at some of what will be available when it opens - go to Pinterest and search Aly's Dream Polish. I have my list ready for Wednesday. Or just click that hyperlink - it'll take you straight to the search results.

Like her Facebook page to stay up to date on all the happenings!

Until next time!

**Make sure to stop by on Wednesday (yes 3 posts in one week this week!) to see What's In My Bag...and don't be alarmed when you see how much is in it.**

  1. Love love love, so glad there is a restock soon because I need more Ally's in my life!

  2. Hey Jenna, got my first Aly's, Cherry Coke, because of the wonderful photos you took! I'm pretty sure I also got my first indie polish from you when you had a sale in one of the groups. Thanks for feeding my newly found addiction and keep up the good work!

    1. Oh I'm so glad! Yep this is one of my favorites for fall. I love that is has a brown look and a red depending on the light! Hope you love the polish :) Thank you!


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