Mani Monday - Pahlish - Thunderous Sparks Review

Hey everyone!

Man oh man it's been a crazy few days in our house.

My husband, while working on some things in the chem lab last week, damaged his hand due to a glass vial breaking while he was holding it. So we spent nearly half the day in the ER Thursday. Then low and behold I came down with a bug after getting my flu shot on Thursday. And last but not least...I managed to tweak something in my back which has got me somewhat immobile.

BUT...fear not...I still have some pretty polish to share with you!

Take a look at another beautiful polish from Pahlish!


Let's begin!

Pahlish is one of my favorite indie polish brands. The colors are always so rich!

I used a base coat, Sinful Colors Dream On, but it was just one coat so I didn't need to build up the Pahlish color so much. I was in a time crunch. It didn't change the overall color much at all.

There was so much glittery shimmer it was hard to catch the glitter in all it's glory!

Another Pahlish packed full of glitter but as always it was a breeze to use.

This really shows how the polish looked in person. Rich, shiny, and truly stunning.

To see my other Pahlish review go here :)

Formula - 5/5 -
Another easy peasy glitter polish from Pahlish.
Drying time - 4/5 -
No issue with having to wait long to dry. HK Girl top coat was used which does have a tendency to shorten dry time.
Opacity - 4/5 -
This will come to full opacity in about 3 coats without an undie. It all depends on how dark you want it and how much glitter you want.
Color Intensity - 5/5 -
Gorgeous! Really packs a punch of color. I had lots of compliments on this one.

The moral of the story is...Pahlish gives good macro!

 Also before I go I want to say Happy Veterans Day to all the vets and their families out there!

Talk to you soon!
  1. I love this color! The sparkles and the color are perfect for the holidays!!


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