What I Wore Wednesday - Roller Skates and Russian Red

Well I'm back.

Honestly I wasn't sure if I would continue to post outfit photos after my hiatus during all the wedding planning and what not.

My husband will be in grad school soon and he was the one that took my photos but without him around the house much at all I didn't want to keep posting outfits and have to figure out a way to take the photos!
My camera isn't compatible with a remote control shutter so that was out of the question.

But alas...there's my phone.

Granted the quality isn't as great and due to the sun setting earlier I don't have great inside light to make the photos more crisp and detailed BUT...I really love being able to look back and my clothing choices over the years. So I'm going to go this route and hopefully fine tune as time goes on. So hang in there with me during the bumpy road of iphone outfit photos!

My past photos were all taken in my back yard so the view much better but I think my "art wall" in my loft serves as a fun background. Hopefully you think so too!

Anyway...here goes nothing!


Rollar skate dress - Sugarhill Boutique purchased via Zulily
Cardigan - thrifted but I believe it's Target brand
Tights - Anne Klein purchased at TJ Maxx
Shoes - ANNA shoes brand purchased via Hautelook
Pearl Necklace - vintage
Nail Polish - Cadillacquer - Bring On the Night
Lipstick - MAC Russian Red

Details -  


So what do you think? Do you mind seeing one single not perfect "main" photo with a few detail photos?

I personally don't mind it but I'd love to find out what you think!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you're able to stop by on Friday to see the Fancy Finds!

Lots of love.

  1. I love the detail shots. As far as your outfit goes I love the dress, but my favorite part has to be either the Russian Red lipstick or the Bring On the Night polish. I can't decide! You could wear that lipstick and rock any outfit!

  2. I really love your outfit photos on instagram and its great to see them on here again too. Winter is so hard for us photo taking bloggers. *sigh*

    P.s I want to steal your entire wardrobe!

  3. It's so hard to do photos solo! But you seem to be on the road to working out a decent system (and wearing a super cute dress while doing it).

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  4. you did a fab job - glad you are sticking with it, i love these posts!!

  5. I love the detail photos! Glad to see your outfit posts are back!

    Also, you should follow me on Pinterest. I follow you, and I keep trying to send you pins, but the site won't let me since you don't follow me. :(

  6. Ok, I've tried to comment like, 3 times, and so far it hasn't gone through. Here's hoping that this time it will.... First, I love the detail photos! I'm just happy that your outfit posts are back. Second, you should follow me on Pinterest! I follow you, and I keep trying to send you pins, and it won't let me because you don't follow me. :(

  7. Don't sweat the shots-- it's a great post! And I luuurrrve that dress! Keep 'em coming, lady :)

    <3 Bri {comfyncurrent.blogspot.com}

  8. You are so adorable, and I love your gallery wall!


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