Seriously? Even I can't get over how cute these are...

Two posts in one isn't the "norm" for me...but heck...there aren't any rules. Yaaaay! 

I had to share these with you because I just stumbled onto them just now. I took these last weekend while I was 
on the couch studying for my exam that I passed...woo hoo! :) And I was joined by a little lady feline and that is when the photos transpired. 

These make me smile from ear to ear and I can't ask for more than that! There are only three...I don't want to overload you on cat photos!

 See how tshirts come in handy? They are a go to place to hold bobby pins!


  1. That first picture is seriously.... magical. :D

  2. aw cute cat! I found you from Gentri's blog :) I want a kittie so so badly. fun blog!

    check out my blog if you want!The House of Shoes

  3. I adore this post. And please, overload us with the kitty photos!!!!


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