Drum Roll Please...It's Friday! Fabulous Friday Finds are here!

Happy Friday Lovelies! Do you have big plans for the weekend?

I am going to force make myself take my last Vet Assistant exam, I only have until the 26th to finish the course, and it'll be here before I know it!

I'll also be taking photos of my house to get ready for the Tour of Homes two part series that starts Monday! Keep in mind I'm still not fully moved in!

Anywho, behold the wonders of this weeks Fabulous Finds, my favorite of the bunch is the dress!

Vintage Dustry Rose Secretary Dress via HoofandAntler - I am in love with the color of this dress and the pleats! Yes please!

The Book of Good Thoughts via GILDBookBinders - I could use a book for good thoughts that's for sure! I love the rough and rustic look of the journal, it looks like something that you'd find lying around a Harry Potter movie!

Houndstooth Coasters via Sharif - How great are these? They are so simple and classic.

Mr. Cat with goldfish via SteamBestiary - Mr. Cat makes me laugh. Between the goggles, the fishies, and the smug look on his face...it's just too funny!

Vintage Woodland Train Case via AVelvetLeaf - I love train cases but a woodland inspired one! Can you see the wolf on the back side behind the handle? I LOVE it!

What is your favorite "fave" this week on your list? Send me a link because I'd love to see it!

Talk to you soon!

  1. Oh goodness... I love ALL of these!! Seriously! have a great weekend and good luck on your exam!!

  2. Love the pink dress!!!
    good luck from me too :)

  3. I am very excited about your blog!! This is GREAT!! I will be a regular!! :) Thank you, Kim

  4. That book *does* look like something you'd find in Harry Potter. Which of course makes me want it more.

  5. I loooove the Book of Good Thoughts, and the houndstooth coasters are so chic! Great finds! :)

  6. Ok, those houndstooth coasters are amazing. I NEED them.

  7. Thanks for including my woodland train case in your fun blog- new follower!


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