Tour of Homes - Last Installment!

Ta Da! Welcome to the final showing of Tour of Homes!

Today is all about the areas that don't really fall into the "public" spaces which are in this case bathrooms and bedrooms. 

But FIRST...I have to share with you a few of the additions to the areas of my home I shared with you last week. I promise there aren't nearly as many photos as last time!

Flowers from my other half...I love when the flowers are dyed because the water always turns such a pretty color. PS - Daisy's are poisonous to cats so we put them outside and I just love the look they have in the pitcher. 

Ahhh craigslist. How I love thee. I found this gem of a vintage record cabinet *the top lifts up for a record player* for only 30 bucks. I just love the look of the record player though so I prefer to keep it out.

And HELLO to my favorite new lamp! I found this age old beauty at a thrift store for only 3 dollars. My grandparents had lamps that the base also had a light inside of it and this made me think of visiting them (and playing with the switch!)

Ooooh pretty...and dusty!

Now you can see what my empty floating shelf was for...I'm in love with my nesting dolls. Seriously. that little guy at the a tiny mouse with a block of cheese!! 

Okay that's it for that! Now on to the NEW spaces!

First up - the half bathroom on the first floor. Nothing special. We don't even have any soap or hand towels! This bathroom is so rarely used...more so by the cats because they have a litter box in there...I of course left that out because who wants to see that!

 But I do have my pretty and "never going to die" fake orchids that I love.

Next up, the master bedroom, still a work in progress! Hello cat toys!

If you remember the last Tour of Homes I included a photo of paint stained shoes...well this beauty of a storage bench is the reason for the paint! I needed extra storage and I found what used to be a white storage bench on craiglist for 20 bucks and it was perfect! (See the pillow? That was a gift to my other half last year at Christmas!)

Our view outside our bedroom windows : )

 I found this lovely fixture at Lowe's and just loved it! I loved it even more once my other half installed pretty!

Ahhh. My closet. And tights apparently that I forgot to take down off the door! And a bear head in the middle of the floor...Benny's favorite toy...he has had it since he was a baby and within the first year he had the head detached from the body haha.
 My pride and shoes. <3


 Master bath - again - nothing to write home about. I do love my shower curtain...I've had it for ages but the colors make me smile. 

 Our lighting over our sinks.

 Spare bathroom that is out near the loft. It's where I keep my vanity because the master doesn't have any room for it. I found it on craigslist for FREE about 8 months ago and I sanded it down and painted it white. <3
 Did you notice this little beauty on the vanity? My other half made me a holder for my glasses and I painted it fishies under the sea and some are of course wearing glasses :p my other half's office. Can you tell a man resides in this area?

That's it! Two bedrooms and two and a half baths!

Now...on to the pretty stuff...the inspirations and future "to do's"

Bedroom - My other half and I don't agree on a lot of decorating style but one that we do agree on is the Shabby Chic look, which is great, because it's one of my favorites. I would love to keep the bedroom color subtle and tranquil but not white.

I love this headboard and wall color.
Loving the furniture here, the distressed dresser and side tables are gorgeous, and that lamp! Oh and the rug is pretty perfect. 

Master Bath - 

Okay so the first photo...isn't likely but I love it!
I would love a chandelier in the bathroom <3

 Okay, so this is more likely, I would love to get rid of the giant mirror and get two separate framed mirrors and update the fixtures to something a little more me!

 In the half bathroom downstairs, the biggest change, I'd love to wallpaper it! 

Are you wondering why the office and the spare bathroom doesn't have any inspirations? Well...those are my other half's areas and I don't think he cares all that much about decor nor would he want me to decorate it!

Head on over to Regina's blog to see her version of these spaces!

Do you have any bedroom/bathroom inspirations or things you'd like to change? Where do your inspirations come from?

  1. Lots of things to say! First off: good morning and hope you're having a great day, haha! ;D

    Your house is so big, love it! I love the piece of furniture in your bedroom and the view from there ;).

    Oh, my! I had no idea daisies are poisonous to cats! :O I particularly like them because my mom's middle name was Daisy. Although I very rarely have them in the house. I love the colors of that bunch!

    That tiny mouse with the pieces of cheese ... uber cute! :p We bought a mouse for the cats at the 99c store, but you don't wanna see that! Sca-ry! Hahaha!

    I have a similar record player; love the non-neatiness of record players. We're still looking for a piece of furniture to put it on.

    Wow! I said a lot! Ah, one more thing! I love the long counter in the masted bathroom (would that be called a "counter" or sink counter? There are so many simple words I don't know, grr!)



  2. Again... your home is SOOO gorgeous! I love it! I love that shabby chic look and can't wait to see your bedroom once you've updated it! We have a huge mirror in both of our bathrooms and I'm considering switching them out. Cna't decide for sure yet, but I still have time to think about it.

    It's been fun teaming up with you! We'll have to do it again sometime!


  3. my hubs is making me redo a lot of our space :) and we pick a project a week. I think my mine source of inspiration for a room- is how I want to feel in room. like in a bedroom- i want to relax and rest... and we want to do something oceany because we love the ocean. :)

  4. I love your home! It's so pretty and cozy! I'd like to get around to doing a post like this one soon as we stop moving long enough for me to finish hanging pictures on the walls! I love your closet set up with the his and hers... and I had no idea daisy's are poisonous to cats. I have them around all the time and I feel forutnate they never developed a palate for them!!!

  5. I have that same set of cat nesting dolls! I love them so much. Also your house is so charming.

  6. I love the Portfolio lights at Lowes. They are stylish and affordable. Great Love the look.Your light fixture makes a great statement. Love the design

    Bathroom Lighting

  7. Ooooh, you have so much SPACE! I really like that light fixture, and I can't wait to see what you work on next.


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