Say What? It's Thursday already? Time for a Thrifty Tutorial! Plus Some Granola News!

It's Thursday! Yaaaay! Frankly I don't know what I'm so excited weekend "to do" consists of taking an exam for my Veterinary Assistant Certification...the exams always take me SO long...this is my last exam though and then I'm finished! Unfortunately, I don't get my certification until I pay off what I owe, which will be next year before I pay it! Yikes. 

So I came across this extremely affordable little crafty find and knew I had to share. 

*Affordable for someone who didn't just murder their bank account by buying a house and then realizing how much money needs to go into the newly purchased house! Blah!*

This is on my "to try" list also, which is becoming a very lengthy list, but I really can't wait to give it a go!

This is one of the most painless tutorials I've ever simple...and so few steps to get personalized and extremely cute magnets!

Check out Sara Hortega's blog for the full step-by-step. 

In other news...while prepping my breakfast today (yogurt and granola) I realized I just had to share with you the granola that I just bought. I love Bear Naked granola and usually get the same flavor every time but yesterday I decided to get a little crazy and buy a new mix!

If you like granola you've gotta try this! I'm not lying when I say I had my nose in the bag smelling the delicious toasty fall flavor! Praline pecans are an ingredient...yum! It just made me think of hot coffee and a sweet treat.
Are there any good granola's you swear by?

PS - Make sure to stop by Monday the 12th for the first of two Tour of Homes posts! I'm SO excited to finally share the spaces I call home!

And P.P.S - Fabulous Friday Finds is tomorrow! Oh how I love shopping and sharing!

Talk to you soon!

  1. That granola does sound tasty!! Yum! i'm super excited to see the tour of your home! YAY! :D

  2. Fabulous little tutorial! so fun! and if you are not going to make your own granola -- Bear Naked ROCKS!!! it's the best on the market and comes in so many flavors. It has a great story behind it also and shows how an idea can become a great business! thanks for sharing...time for some greek yogurt and granola and some blueberries for me now -- you have made me hungry! Thanks for sharing! hugs...andrea -- family and doxies!


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