It's here! Mid-Week Tranquility...

I know I say this...almost every week...but I need some tranquility!

I'm like a broken record (which by the really annoying because my record player was acting up the other day when I was trying to rock out to some Elton John thankfully my other half fixed before all heck broke loose!) because it always seems like I'm always needing some rest and relaxation mid week!

So today, here is the reason I need it, I HAVE to take my final exam because the deadline for course completion is Monday! I always get distracted on the weekend and end up not taking I'm stressing about having to do that after work today. I prefer to get my not so snazzy pj's on and collapse on the couch after work!

So without further ado...

There is something so calming and serene about this photo. It makes me feel a little more relaxed just looking at it. 

Now here's hoping to me feeling that relaxed after my exam! : )

Talk to you soon!

  1. Good luck with the exam!! I was the same way in college... I would get so distracted and end up leaving it until last minute. EEEEK! Better to just get it over and done with and then you can breeeathe. :D I love this pictures. Just looking at it... I can feel the sunshine and smell the grass. Beautiful.

  2. Oh, deadlines and final exams stress me out, too, like terribly! I'm such a big procrastinator :/.

    Hope you've done great at the exam! ;D And get ready to relax :P.

    Happy Thursday! :D And thank you sooo much for your sweet words!!!




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