What a Lovely Day to be in a Bookstore

During one of the days I was packing my life into boxes, it came time to pack up my bookshelf, I used approximately 4 boxes just for books! I thought it would be a good time to purge some "I will never read this" and "I really did try to want to read this" books. Once I decided to part with the handful of books, I threw them in a bag, and set them aside so I could take them to the used bookstore that I love so much.

Chamblin Bookmine is a place I can literally spend a day wondering the aisles.

Don't let the outside fool you (maybe they are testing the "don't judge a book by it's cover" saying.)
Once inside, there are nearly endless aisles and "secret" passageways of books! - photo via Me
This is one of the more "hidden" areas, it's deep inside the store, I love that the entrance is a garage door. - photo via me

I've also learned, it's better not to go to Chamblin's with a list in hand, it is very difficult to find a certain book because things can get so misplaced and misfiled. Either way, I never leave without a huge smile on my face, and I'm so excited to go to (what I like to call) my heaven in the aisles. I'm hoping the books I bring in to trade will get me a relatively sizable amount of credit in the store so I don't have to spend a dime!

I swear...I'll spend some time packing today too...I have to tackle my closet *yikes!* and bathroom today!

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you trying to beat the heat with inside activites too?

Talk to you soon!

  1. My daughter would go nuts there! She goes to the bookfest in Ohio every year and comes home with a car load of books. Now she's in the process of moving and realizes how many boxes she has of books.

    I do like books myself but mostly DIY type books, cookbooks, decorating books, health books, etc.... I never read fiction.

  2. That place looks amazing. We have a place like that here in town and it is sooo messy and unorganized.. but I still love going in there! The smell, the warmth.... all of it. And I love your new banner! (No Jinx bed yet! Probably today. :D)

  3. Pretty funny that you just posted this bc I have a bag full of books in my car that I am going to exchange. I've never exchanged books before but someone told me about this just the other day. :)

  4. That store looks incredible! I wish I had something like that around here. I need to go through my books as well...I have a huge box of read books in storage in the top of my closet, and two shelves full of books that I want to read, haha! I am a terrible book collector.

    It's SO hot here in Florida, so I've been spending my time indoors working on my etsy shop and house cleaning. :)

    Anyways, thanks for sharing the magic of that little bookshop online with us!


  5. Wow, I could not imagine a better place than this! Though I have a bit of a stop on books since all my shelves have double rows already;)

  6. @Blue Eyed Night Owl - I know! My shelves are crazy packed too...that's why I had to purge beforehand!

    @Kaili - I'm in Florida too...I know it's so sticky hot outside! And to think...I wore tights today...sometimes it's so hard to part with books!

    @Collins - Yay for book exchange! It's a great way to purge books that you won't read again or don't want anymore. Hope you had fun!

    @Cas - Thanks! And I love the smell and the feel of a used bookstore too! The disorganization is part of the appeal : ) Hopefully Jinx has his bed by now!

    @Sher - That's the beauty of Chamblin's...they have such a huge selection of not just fiction based books but DIY, cooking...anything you could ever look for! : )

  7. I love a good book store :) I think it's just all the different stories sitting on the shelves :)

  8. We just moved and I had the same problem, except that I also had magazines on top of books. TWO BOXES of magazines, and I couldn't just throw them out cause you never know if I will need them. I am such a pack rat haha.

  9. That bookstore looks wonderful!!! My husband and I already have tons of books, but I'm always happy to find something new. I hope your packing is going well.

  10. Oh my that is a lot of books! =) Where I love to read that might be um a bit overwhelming haha

    Great way to spend some time though! =)

    Arizona Girls blog
    Arizona Girls

  11. pretty cool place...does this mean that you're not getting a kindle anytime soon?

    btw, i dont think bringing books in for credit gets you a free book....dont you still have to pay partial price? how would they stay in business?


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