Mid-Week Tranquility - And boy do I need it!

This house thing is driving me nutty I tell you! I'm still not in the "clear to close" status and I'm supposed to close in 2 days! Seriously!

But I digress.

Mid-Week Tranquility couldn't get here at a better time.

via Pinterest

I needed something that could take me away, so I was in search of a more whimsical tranquil photo, and I think I found it. The colors and feel of this photo make me want to go running through the field in my best colorful and fun ensemble so I can blend in with the magic.

I hope it takes to on a mini-getaway too!

Talk to you soon!

  1. I love that photo- it kind of reminds me of that movie Big Fish, have you see that? So good!

    I hope everything is cleared up with the house soon! I'm sure this process is so annoying but soon it will be all over and you will have a fun, awesome house to play in!

  2. Buying a house is so stressful but keep your eyes on the prize! It will be so worth it when you get that key to your very own house.

  3. You will be done soon!! And you will be settled and unpacked and it will be amaaazing. :) :) This picture is great... I can't get over the sky!! So beautiful. Sea Marie

  4. Ahhh, such a beautiful, peaceful photo! I've definitely found that looking at tranquil images helps me relax in times of stress. Good luck with your house! Soon it will be all yours!


  5. you sound so busy! :) and so exciting you are in total count down mode!

  6. Pretty photo!
    Sorry that the house stuff is stressful but it's only two more (long) days and you will be done. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!

  7. mmmmmm... :) I just had a big breath of fresh air when I saw this picture. So lovely!


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