This Week's Fabulous Friday Finds PLUS Some Extra Goodies!

Extra goodies as in, I usually stick to 5 finds, but seeing as I missed last weeks FFF's I should share a few more!

Sit tight, lots to see here, but it's all so good!

First, let's just go for the Top 5 items I've come across this week that have made my heart go pitter patter, or possibly that was my debit card running away from me!

Opposites Attract print via JenniPenni - This caught my attention right away, maybe it was the color scheme (love), maybe it was the tights, or maybe the shoes! I just love it. 

Vintage Pin Up Wiggle Dress via MsZinski - I can't stop looking at this gem in my favorites! The bow at the neckline is just perfection. <3

Shafford Deer Toothbrush Holder via CampHobachee - So this could be used for different things but as a toothbrush/paste holder...I just can't get enough of it! 

Fantasy Fairy Tale Girl Playing Violin with Owl via solocosmo - I am so unbelievably captivated by Jessica Grundy's artwork!

Vintage Floral and Geometric Shirt via SundayBluesVintage - The colors in this top are so fun and vibrant and I love the cut of it!

Extra Goodies!

Lordy...I do love shopping...even more so shopping for bargains! *Side note - I plan on including some "what I wore" posts in the near future (next week!) because I do love clothes and finding fabulous items at bargain prices so I thought I should start sharing!*

With that being said, I stumbled upon a new shop on Etsy this week that goes by the name SoLoVintageShop, she is just starting up her shop so she doesn't have pages of listings (plus I bought 3 dresses!) but you can't beat prices and I had to favorite the shop so I wouldn't miss any upcoming additions! 

I'm sure I'll be taking some photos once I receive the dresses but until's a sneak peek!

Abstract Polka Dot Dress - SoLoVintageShop - I'm dying to pair this with a belt and my oxfords and tights!

Last on the list of extras, hopefully you've made it this far down in the post, if so...yay! <3

I feel like I should post weekly about the Shoes Crushes I'm developing on shoes from UrbanOG.

Here is a couple picks from my wish debit card is running away from me again...

Peep Toe Sandal in 4 different colors...oh my goodness...I need you in my life and on my feet!

Almond Toe Loafer in 3 different colors and a more "work appropriate" but still fun paired with the right outfit - I <3 you 

Okay, I must stop now, can you tell I've been missing the internet? I am an avid internet shopper...I've been going through withdrawals. 

What's on your must have or fab find list this week? I'd love to see!

Talk to you soon!

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  2. I love the shop! Thank you for sharing. I can't say no to vintage items too. Have traded few items on Etsy only for vintage clutch!


  3. You've got such great style! I absolutely love everything you've posted here! Those almond toe loafers would be perfect for fall, and I am desperately wanting to do some fall shopping... and they're not as expensive as I thought they'd be! Woohoo!

  4. The artwork is fabulous and I love tights! I quit wearing pantyhose because you can buy tights and that last some much longer (you know, you can wear them more than once without a run!)

    Stopping by from Bogging Buddies


  5. Love the wiggle dress and that deer toothbrush holder. So cute!!!

  6. wonderful features! I am honored to have you showcase my "Uma" painting! I really love the little deer/bambi toothpaste holder too!

  7. Hey girl!!! Sooooo nice reading your posts! Glad to have you back. :) :) These are amazzzzing finds. Can't wait to see your outfit shots!

  8. Woo! I really like the Opposites Attract print. It has a certain je ne sais quoi.


  9. Oh, I love the shirt! :D

    Hope you and your kitties are having a fun weekend! ;P



  10. These finds are yummy! I want so many of the items you've mentioned. Thanks for showing off my vintage British Lady dress. I love that bow at the neck too!


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