What I Wore - *Black and Blueberry Tights*

Hey lovelies!!

I should tell you that you may notice a trend of outfits that may be more along the lines of office-wear. Well that's because I'm in the office 5 days out of the week...but have no fear I have always given my best effort to liven up the "business casual"...hopefully!

*Also, this is probably the last "what I wore" for this week, I promise NOT to bore you with my clothing details too often! I may feature a far more fun and non-work related WIW post this weekend!*

I've had this dress for years and it's always been a good staple in my work wardrobe. It's got a vintage flair to it with the fit and the details.

Oh deep blue tights...how I love thee...you bring a fun pop of unexpected color to the dress!

Even though my jewelry collection grows...sometimes weekly...these are still one of my absolute favorites! The mushrooms and colors are dreamy and I love the tear drop shape.

Love. A pseudo-suede pair of wedges...yes please.

Wears from Head to Toe -

Earrings - Anomaly (small boutique in historic 5 Points in Jax...no longer open for business - sad face!)
Dress - Target
Tights - Happy Socks
Shoes - Urban OG

  1. You look gorgeous. :) I love those shoes!

  2. awww you have such a great smile. I have been thinking about clipping my hair short like yours.

  3. Love this outfit!!! Those tights are beyond amazzzing. :D

  4. I used to have that same dress! I forget why I got rid of it, but I remember it being way comfortable. :-)

  5. I love that dress! And the blue tights really add your personal cool touch to the outfit ;).

    Awe, I wish I had a job at an office :p!


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