I Cannot Tell A Lie...

My Saturday has consisted of...nothing...but watching Mad Men on Netflix. 

I blame this on the fact I don't have cable and because of that I have this desperate need to watch television. 

Damn you Don Draper! 

Okay...maybe it was slightly my fault to...I'd rather blame Don. 

Here's hoping Sunday will be more productive!

  1. Hahaha.... sounds just like me but with Lost. Mad Men was last weekend. :P

  2. I've never seen Mad Men. That's probably a good thing. I'm too busy! D: (Also, I don't have TV).


  3. teehee...i've watched tv all day too. but i started the wire on hbogo. can't decide if i like it or not...

  4. Yeah, I've tried but just dont love it. I want to though

  5. I miss having days like that! There is nothing wrong with a lost day spent in front of the tv. :)

  6. spending a saturday with don draper & co. sounds like a great investment of time to me :)

  7. Mad Men is waiting on my queue! Haha, I recently went through all of Parks & Recreation, and I've also been keeping up with Breaking Bad.

    I only ever watch things on my laptop/after they've been recorded because I hate commercials and get too impatient between episodes! Haha.



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