Pretty Serious Cosmetics Review and Swatches - Invitation Only

So I have a funny story about this post.

Okay so it's not conventionally funny. Really I meant to post this on Thursday but I didn't schedule it to go live on Thursday like I thought I did. wasn't a post on Thursday.

See...not really funny. 

But anyway...I have a pretty new polish from Pretty Serious today! Invitation Only is part of the newest collection from Pretty Serious called Rooftop Soiree.

(metallic gray with color shifting pink/green particles and micro holo)
**Perfect application/formula - no staining - HK Girl Top Coat**
 **outdoors - direct light**

Gorgeous right?

I don't have any other polish like this. This is such a chic color and I just love the burst of color shiftiness and holo goodness!

Did you buy any of the Rooftop Soiree Collection?

Where to find Pretty Serious -

That Gal...signing off!

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