Mani Monday - Gothic Gala Lacquer - Elven Tears

Well. I hate to break this to you (or to myself for that matter) but it's the start of another work week.

BUT I can savor the fact that my weekend was filled with pretty polish. And pizza. Lots of pizza.


So before I go any further I have to admit something to you...

This polish is a glitter topper and I totally didn't use it for that purpose. I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF!
The bold blue and yellow glitter bits...I HAD to cover my nails with it. I had to.

Emotions aside...I did use it for it's intended purposes on one nail so I could share with you how freaking perfect it is as a topper. 

I have macros and photos of the polish used as a topper AND as a regular polish.

Without further adieu...

What a beauty! Love this style of bottle more than any other! It feels so feminine. 

Yes...bottled Elven's true.

You can see it's all glitter. No base color here. 

I topped this baby with a few coats of Poshe top coat and the glitter bombs were all nice and shiny and smooth.

I'll admit when I first saw the name...I immediately thought...Legolas. I'm pretty sure if his tears were in fact bottles...they would resemble this.

A couple macros of the good stuff - one with direct artificial light and one with indirect so you can see both the lighter version of the blue glitter and darker.

AND NOW...Elven Tears as a topper.

I used Julep Cleopatra as the base for. Cleopatra is a latex black polish and turned out to be a perfect choice.

See! Perfection. Elven Tears gives the black polish SUCH depth. And it's so shiny!

Hold on to your horses...topper macro. Swoon.

As you can see...the glitters are very well behaved and lay perfectly flat. No curling no nothing.
Glitter perfection personified.

Bottle shot of all the pretty tears.

**no elves were harmed in the making of this polish**


The photos with the polish used alone I used 3 to 4 coats. Which quite honestly isn't bad considering it's just glitter. A couple thin coats and a couple thick coats. 

The photos with the polish used as a topper I only used 2 coats to get it densely coated over the black.

Please stop by Gothic Gala Lacquers FB page to stay up to date!

And most importantly...

To snag a bottle of this beauty (I may need a back up) 
stop by Gothic Gala Lacquer on Etsy and snag one for yourself.
This baby was just listed yesterday!

Please let me know if you snag it because I wanna see it on your paws!

Polish provided for my 100% honest review

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