Things I Fancy Friday - Miley, Fallon, American Horror Story, and cookies!!


It's Friday.'s my mom's birthday! Happy Birthday mom!

Not only is it my mom's birthday husband's birthday was Wednesday.

Happy Birthday husband! :)


So I have some great finds for ya this week...if I do say so myself.

Take a gander if you will.


Okay so if you know know I can't honestly say I've ever been a fan of Miley Cyrus. Then she went and did this on Jimmy Fallon and I'm loving it. And because of this I don't despise her. Well done Jimmy.


Jessica Lange is EVERYTHING. And she is the reason I keep coming back for American Horror Story...I'm not good with anything scary but I've been addicted to the show since season 1!

This because I'm tired now and all the time. my tummy now. 

Oh guys this is shelving/storage perfection.


I'm kinda obsessed with my finds this week...that's okay to admit right?

Please share your love of AHS with me if you're a fan! I need to go fangirl!

See ya Monday with a review of some FAB polish inspired by Star Trek!!

  1. I love Jessica Lange in AHS! She plays such a good bitch!


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