Mani Monday - Pahlish - Moats, Boats, and Waterfalls

Good morning gals!

I want to start off by saying sorry I only posted my Duck Dynasty mani then I went MIA! The week got away from me. I'm gonna blame it on the fact I had Friday off so my day-to-day mental calendar got all thrown off! 

How was your weekend? I had a to-do list that I failed to complete any items!! Oh well. I was thankful to have the  opportunity to do nothing.

Today I have for you a little review of a polish from Pahlish! Now I admit I change my polish almost every day...hey I have a lot of polish...but when this baby was on my nails I knew it would stay awhile. It's the most stunning polish I've every used!!
Take a gander of the goods!

It wasn't a "must" to use an undie for this polish but I just played into the turquoise base of the polish by adding more blue under it.

To see swatches of the polish without the blue China Glaze undie (Blue Sparrow) you can check the Pahlish website.

The prettiest polish there ever was! I've gotten nothing but compliments on this since painting my paws with it on Saturday.

 The blurry photos were hard to avoid. My nails were so shiny and glitter-fied that my camera had a hard time focusing.

Macro of polish in the bottle

The best capture of how beautiful the polish is.

If you follow me on instagram you've probably seen this photo so sorry for the duplicate!

So to summarize -

Formula - 5/5 -
 I had no issues with this glitter polish which says a lot. It wasn't too thick and it wasn't runny. It was easy as pie getting all the different size glitters on the nail.
Drying time - 4/5 -
This dried fast but not TOO fast. If glitters needed to be moved it wouldn't be impossible.
Opacity - 4/5 -
This will come to full opacity in 2-3 coats without an undie. It all depends on how dark you want it and how much glitter you want.
Color Intensity - 5/5 -
Absolutely stunning. In the bottle and on the nail. A must have in my book. I may even get a back up!

Top coat used - HK Girl top coat


So that's it! Mani review numero dos for the books!

Do you have any Pahlish? If so, what colors do you have? What's your personal favorite?

Does anyone know where the name for this polish comes from? Major brownie points if you do!

  1. Oh wow, that looks beautiful!! I can see why you'd want to keep it on for a bit longer than usual :)


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