I Have to Share Before They're Gone! - Chelsea Crew and B.A.I.T sale! (and many other brands!)

Hey ladies!

I wasn't going to post anything until tomorrow BUT then it hit me...

Zulily started their Blow Out sale Monday and SHOES was a big section!

Now this is where I normally get my shoes because Chelsea Crew and B.A.I.T are my fave brands but they are always way to expensive for me to buy retail or even on sale.

I'm not sure what's left because like I said it started Monday but there are a ton of Chelsea Crew and B.A.I.T shoes with deep discounts! Seriously.

Here is the link right to the shoe sale and in case you're curious...these are the ones I bought!


 I had to limit myself...partially because I own most of the Chelsea Crew ones! Here are a couple Chelsea Crew pairs that are for sale that are hard to pass up!

I should apologize in advance if you do check this sale out...I almost guarantee you won't find something you like...be prepared to sit for awhile and peruse because there are a LOT of pages! Totally worth the hunt!

Again here is the direct link to the sale!

**please note the direct sale link and the zulily link are referral code links! The links to the specific shoes are not referral links**

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