Things I Fancy Friday - Keiko, Danson, Dalmations...and some Timberlake

Hey hey hey!

Who else is thrilled it's Friday??

It's a double-edged sword week aka pay day aka giving all my money to bills day.

Even though it may not be the most fiscally responsible...each pay day I do buy myself a little something...because dammit I deserve it! Anyone else do this?'s time.


Ted Danson and all things Ted Danson. 
My friend Esther said it best...Ted Danson Fandom is in order! Who else loves him in CSI? 
And that hair! Love the white hair.


TheBalm had a HUGE flash sale on Wednesday. It was chaos I tell ya. Site crashes. Endless loops when trying to check out. Gateway errors. The whole shebang of huge amounts of traffic. Did you partake in the sale? Did you make it out alive??


All things Keiko but more specifically this shadow tutorial she posted recently.


If you've spent any time online in the past 2 days or if you watch Jimmy Fallon...I'm sure you've seen this but I can't get enough of these two together!


I need these cookies in my belly...ASAP.


YOU GUYS...this's the cutest dress I ever did see. 
PS - if you are new to Modcloth (or have an email you haven't registered with them yet) you can get 20 dollars towards your first purchase with this link!


You still with me? Did you make it through all of that? I swear all my Friday posts make me want to do is shop and watch TV...and eat. A girl can dream!

**Until next time**

(come by Monday for a review of Color Club The Uptown - so much sparkle you won't know what to do with yourself)

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