Things I Fancy Friday - The Relaxation Edition

Man oh man...I don't know about you but I need some help winding down and getting out of my own "head"...does that make sense?

It's funny that just a little bump in the road can send you into a tail spin for an entire day...week...month...

Has that happened to you recently? When you feel so wound up and stressed that you just have GOT to find something to take it down a notch?

I can't promise any of my "finds" will help you but I'm hoping they'll at least help me (in the words of the great Nat King Cole) "straighten up and fly right" at least in regards to my brain!

So yourself a favor...sit back and relax and breathe.



And lastly...

Let's take a note from this little guy...I don't think he could get more laid back!

Until next time...

  1. That adorable otter is going to help me de-stress today. Seriously, how cute!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines


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