Julep - Karmen and Catrina Review - September Box

Hey ladies!!

So today marks my FIRST official polish review! I'm probably more excited about this than you are but humor will won't ya??

How many of you are Julep Mavens?

For those of you who are...did you upgrade?? I've only upgraded twice in my year of being a maven and this was my second time feeling compelled to pay the extra for the whole set! It just screamed fall to me...and it being 100 degrees still in Florida I am searching desperately for fall...anywhere!!


So today the two polishes from the September (The Cityscape Collection) box I have are Karmen (golden crimson microglitter) and Catrina (marigold yellow creme) - 

Lots of gold shimmer in this! It's gorgeous!

I'm loving this yellow because it really doesn't scream neon to me which yellow has a tendency to do...I really would describe it as a marigold yellow just like Julep does. Also it has a blue undertone which warms it up.

Shimmy Shimmy!

Overall, I have nothing bad to say about these beauties, well Catrina was a little streaky but nothing a top coat didn't fix. Cremes can be tricky like that! So if you were on the fence about Karmen or Catrina I hope this helped!


There it is! I figured starting my reviews with Julep makes sense since Julep was really the gateway to my polish hobby. 

If you stopped by to read this...thank you.

I know there are a ton of polish blogs around with much better photos and reviews than mine are. So if you enjoyed this and took the time to give it a look I really appreciate it!

***please note there are referral links for Julep - if you're new to Julep and sign up through my link I will get fancy schmancy points***
  1. YAY, JENNA! I'm glad you're back blogging! ;D I've missed you! I'm not blogging as regularly but will publish a post this week ... hopefully, haha.

    Love the new layout! ;)

  2. i LOVE your pictures they look amazing! makes me want to get Katrina out of my stash and put it on right this second! and go buy Catrina, of course :)


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