Random Wednesday #7

Hey lovelies!!

I am having a very difficult time getting back into the swing of things aka my normal routine life.

The holidays are always a double edged sword. It's amazing having so many days off but at the same time it gets me out of my work routine and throws me off! Even when it comes to blogging. During my "normal" work week I'm used to doing my posts at certain times of the day but when it changes I get all thrown off!

I know it'll all even back out in a few days or so.

Time for a dose of randomness!

Photos -

This is Trixie. This is Trixie getting comfy laying in my arms pretending to love me when she REALLY just wants to try and get a piece of the chinese food action! Look at those hungry eyes!! You'd think veggie fried rice and veggie soup wouldn't be appealing!

The life of a cat...I am green with envy every day!!

Yum. Fried ice cream from a mexican place my other half and I visit (more than we should)

Reason #1000 it is difficult to get anything done on the computer at home.

A skirt I thrifted a week or so ago...I LOVE the colors!

Random information -

* I think I'm getting sick. I am SO dizzy for some reason and I think (crossing my fingers) it's because I am getting all congested in my head. Blah.

* I am excited to send off a couple of my dresses to two fabulous ladies to see how they style them!
* Chantilly and * Amber
PS - I mailed them today!

* We rearranged our dining room on New Years Day and I LOVE it. Before it didn't seem right. The builder did an awful job with the layout of the house so there wasn't a designated area for the dining room. I think we have it figured out now...I will take photos!!

How are you adjusting to getting back to a normal schedule after the holidays?

Talk to you soon!

  1. Trixie is adorable!!! And oh no to feeling sick-- I hope it's just head congestion. Dizziness is no good at all...

    I hear you on the double-edged sword. I had such a fantastic break and now that I'm back at school teaching/taking seminar it's a thousand times worse than before. Trying to make the best of it, though.

  2. I hope you don't get sick! That can happen so easily after all the chaos of the holidays though. I know what you mean, I felt so excited for the new year and now I'm having a hard time getting things in gear! I think I've crashed....... :)

  3. I am in holiday mode so deeply, not sure how I am going to go back to work on Monday! I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Hahaha, Trixie likes Chinese food! Dimitri likes yoghurt; can;t open one when he's around or he'll follow me everywhere.

    Hope you're not getting sick! :/ Take vitamin C ;).

    And can't wait to see how the ladies will style your dresses.

    Happy Friday!



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