Fabulous Friday Finds - Hey 2012 - You've got some fancy finds!

Whew! It's Friday...I've been at work for 3 days this week...and it feels like I've been working for 7 days. 

Man getting back into the work routine is TOUGH!!

Which reminds me...I started a new series yesterday, in case you missed it, It's a Love/Hate Thing.

Any big plans for the weekend? As far as I know I will be staying close to home, except for my visits to take care of Griffin and Bella, who I'm pet sitting until Sunday evening.

I have a TON of photos to edit and measurements to take for items that need to be added to the shop - 

I found the most adorable collegiate vintage cardigan and I am debating on keeping it for myself or sharing the cardi-love and listing it! 

Okay time for some fancy finds!

Whimsical Owl Art wall hanging via artistJP - This is absolutely gorgeous. The colors are insanely vivid and he has the most gorgeous eyes! Seriously...I can see this on my wall...it would be pretty perfect.

Archery Bow Necklace via MisoPretty - I love this so much! As a avid fan of Percy Jackson and mythology, the minute I saw this, I thought of Athena. It's simple yet intricate and I am slightly obsessed with it.

I Lied decorative pillow via mybeardedpigeon - Not only is it cute as all get out...It's true. 

Glass Tea Pot with infuser via Fab.com - I'm not a huge tea drinker but when this beauty came through my daily Fab.com email I wanted to drink tea ASAP. One of the tea pots that are in the sale has already sold out but there are still a handful left of other designs...Have I mentioned I'm glad it's pay day? : )

Vintage Titanic Pillow via VintageStyleHome - I am a huge fan of the color of this pillow. The faded vintage feel is breathtaking and it would be a perfect pillow for so many couches because of the color scheme. Especially MY forest green colored couch. Yep...it would be perfect. 

Ugh, so many amazing finds this week, I think I need to get at least a couple of them...but I also need to put some money into my HOA jar. Being a grown up is LAME!!! Maybe I can sneak one...

Talk to you soon!

Oh and come find me on Twitter if you want to chit chat!

  1. Love love love the archery necklace, with the Titanic pillow in close second. Also, um, are you getting excited for the re-release of Titanic into theatres in 3-D? (Omg, I still love Leo!) ;)

  2. Haha, Abigail's comment on Leo made me giggle.

    And I LOVE that archer necklace. Like, I need it right now. Athena is the BEST!!!!!!! I even did a blog post about how cool she is, back in the day!

    Darn it, you always find something that I need in these posts. Hey, maybe that is a love/hate thing for me. I love your Friday Finds posts... but I hate that I always want something from them and I don't have the money.

  3. Hello there :) I just wanted to thank you for including my bow necklace in your post today! I'm thrilled that you all like it so much. Happy hunting ;)

  4. Hey Jenna! I love that owl, it's so cute. :)

    Thanks for your comment on my new blog design + name. I wanted to drop by and let you know what I did about getting that new URL for my blog but not losing any of my posts.

    I just bought my domain at godaddy. I didn't really know what to do myself, so I just called them to get help. They don't list a toll free number on their website, but they do have one. If you just google it, you will find it. I had to actually call a couple times to get help with this. What I had to end up doing was actually quite easy, but it wasn't as easy as just calling them and them telling me exactly what to do (maybe it was just the guys I spoke with? I don't know).

    So, if you decide to use godaddy, it's very easy to buy the domain. I think you can even use paypal, which I like. You could just call them and try to get them to help you do the switch (and hopefully they will get it right the first time for you, just be really specific with your request when you call) or if you want, I think I remember enough of the steps that I could walk you through it. This is if you go with godaddy as I know what they did through their website but another company, I wouldn't be so sure. Feel free to email me at: kristindawn@hotmail.ca if you want more info with what I said when I called or if you want me to try and help walk you through what I had to do (it seems too long to write out here).

    It's really great once it gets working! Drop me a line if you want and I'd be happy to help as much as I can. :)


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