Holy Smokes...A Look into the deep dark realm of my closet!

Hey lovelies!! I'm excited and somewhat nervous to share some photos of my closet.
 I've had a few people ask to get a peek into my closet and shoe collection so I finally snagged a few photos to share!

I want to explain my garment closet first. I have a pretty sizable closet to begin with but the wall in between the two doors makes absolutely NO sense! You can't get to anything that is behind the wall. The architect had a few screws loose...seriously. Luckily, I found the perfect sized garment closet a few months back to fill the wall space so I can use the whole span of the wall. 

So...here it goes! (I swear I cleaned it just before the photos, but somehow, it still looks like a mess!)
On either side of the closet I have my shoes, belts on the door on the right and vintage dresses for GeorgiaPeachVintage are in there too! Safe from the cats! Those lovely dresses hanging on the garment closet...that would be a couple dress swap dresses from two lovely ladies! (Chantilly and Amber)

(I'd be lying if I said these were ALL of them...you can see the empty spots!)

*If you see any pair that you're curious where they came from just ask!*

Inside the shallow depths of the garment closet...
The only thing in here are skirts and dresses and boots...you can see a fallen pair beneath the dresses! 

So you see those drawers at the bottom? Well the left drawer has all my flats in them (I forgot to take a photo...it's full of flats!) On the right side....are tights...

I figured out a long time ago the best way for me to store my tights are in labeled ziplock bags, I also write where I bought them from in case I need to replace them, it's pretty perfect!

Whew! That's it! I should've taken better photos but my camera was dead and I was being lazy and didn't recharge it!

How do you keep your clothes/shoes/tights organized? What works best for you?

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