It's A Love/Hate Thing - #2

Hey everyone!! 

First off...did you watch The People's Choice Awards??
I'm usually not a fan of award shows, mostly because I end up disagreeing with the winners, but I had a lot invested in this show. 

I voted for a solid hour. 
Which is a huge chunk of time for someone with the slowest internet EVER! (I loathe you CLEAR...and will be getting Comcast internet on Saturday!)

Are you happy with the winners? Who were you hoping won? Ian Somerhalder should have won the TV Drama Actor!!!! Ahhh!


Okay time for some lovin' and hatin' -


I love being so connected. I do. I love Twitter, I love the bloggy world, the whole shabang!


Being so connected. Sometimes it's just overwhelming. I try to "take off" during the weekends to just sort of shut off and hang with my beau and the felines but I still can't pull myself away from the tweet world!

(but really...I love being connected more than I dislike it because I LOVE my bloggy/twitter buds!)



I LOVE finding an amazing pair of shoes that I can wear with so many things AND when they are friendly on the pocketbook it's even more amazingly perfect. 


When I go back to buy a second pair of the shoes just in case something awful happens to the ones I already had and they are sold out of my size!!! Ugh...that broke my heart!



I love Etsy! I love all the features they've added for buyers and sellers, the way everyone can stay so involved, and how it feels like one big crafty community. 


I'm kinda hatin' that Etsy doesn't have a guest check out option! It's crazy people have to sign up for an account and go through that whole process to make a purchase! It can be so so confusing if someone isn't super internet savvy or familiar with the site. Is anyone else with me on this?? I know Kate is with me on this one!

(I don't have a photo for this one...but you can picture what a photo of someone wishing for a guest check out would look like!)


That's it for this week! Any love/hate happenings for you this week? Do you share any of my love/hate scenario's this week?

Stop by tomorrow for Friday Finds!!

Talk to you soon,

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