Hey Lovelies! Friday Finds is here!!

I am ALWAYS excited to find and share my weekly finds with you all but I am more excited when it's pay day Friday. Sadly, that is not today, and there is one find in particular that I NEED but will have to wait one whole week to make it mine. All mine!! (Don't worry you can make it yours too...*hint* it's a print!)

Okay, so, what are your plans this weekend? I plan on living vicariously through you so really I'd love to know!
I'll be home for the most part. (Hello home body!) Plus, I have photos to take of some clothing I recently acquired for GPV (hint one is a uber cute ascot navy dress...*I wish it fit me!*)
Okay, without further adieu, it's finds time!

My Heart Belongs to my Cat print via flapperdoodle - Do I really need words to explain how perfectly amazing this is?? And it is an 8x10 size which is perfect! PS - if you haven't guessed it, this is the find I mentioned up there in the first paragraph!)

Unicorn/Narwhal TEAM MAGIC shirt via theboldbanana - This shirt is too friggin' adorable. Look at that magical team! I would wear this far more often than acceptable I think.

Kitty Cat Night Light Polaroid via jerseymaids - This is one of the neatest things I've seen. Not just because it's a kitten. But jerseymaids makes night lights out of polaroid photos!!! You can see the dark and light version on the Etsy site and there are SO many more to choose from!!

Desk Organizer Zen Garden via KarolinfelixDream - There are more angles of this little gem on Etsy but I like the aerial view. What a earthy and different way to organize your desk! I really love the simplicity of the wood design.

Teddy Bear brooch via BeautySpot - I am smitten with the colors in this brooch not to mention the teddy bear is so darn cute!! <3 His pink little belly is adorable!

Whew! That's it for this week! See anything you like? Any great finds for you this week? If you do a Friday Finds-type post leave the link...I'd love to see it!

Talk to you soon!

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