What I Wore - *Denim Dreaming from Chantilly*

First off, I want to say a big hello to the amazing new followers that jumped aboard this crazy train recently, thanks for joining me on this crazy journey called life! 

Secondly, how was your weekend? 
I went another round at my hairdresser trying to get rid of the remaining black in my hair. Unfortunately, what's left, will just have to grow out. So hopefully before TOO long I can have one solid hair color...until then it's red with hint of black/brown!
Oh and I found the Peach Parfait Colorburst lip butter I was looking for! Here's a photo from yesterday so you can see my hair AND the lipstick!
(You can see the darker parts at the bottom of my hair!)

Okay SO now time for the outfit shots. 

The ever so amazing and talented Chantilly and I did a little dress swap (you can see her style my dress on her blog post here)

Tulle had a big pre-black Friday sale and Chantilly snatched up this dress and I loved it. So I jumped at the chance to give it a try!

(See how she styled this dress here! - I just realized that we both wore purple tights!) 

Here is a video, that I would consider to be embarrassing but, it's funny. My other half just LOVES taking video and pretending he's taking a photo. I was trying to do a serious look which isn't something that comes naturally obviously!

Now here's me trying to do my best "Chantilly" pose. She is a goddess of giving a *stop you in your tracks look* to the camera...as you can tell...not so much for me. But it was fun trying!

*trying not to smile!!!*

That's it folks!

Wears Head to Toe -

Glasses - Zenni Optical
Necklaces - thrifted
Dress - Chantilly dress swap!
Belt - F21
Tights - Hue from Dillards
Shoes - GoJane

That's it! Have you done any dress swaps with fellow bloggers or non-bloggers? I also swapped with Amber but the dress just didn't fit. I figure it's kind of a hit or miss thing to try but I would try it again!

  1. Very cute outfit and pics! Love your hair color and those lips are sexy! xxx

  2. Adorable! Dress swaps sound fun-- my friend Kay and I trade clothes when we get tired of them, because it's always fun to get new clothes without having them put a dent on your credit card!!!

  3. Two things. One, I like the darker ends on your hair. It's like that ombre highlight trend, but cooler.

    And two, my husband does the same thing with videos! He'll just aim his phone at me, so I'll pose for a picture... and then he just keeps holding the phone up... waiting for me to figure it out. Boys!

  4. I love your dress, it really goes with the cute necklace :)! Also I am really loving your hair colour here, it's gorgeous and suits you so well! xo


  5. I love your denim dress. It's super cute.


  6. I taught Keiran the trick of pretending to take a photo but really you're taking a video and now he does it ALL the time. Not cool to pull it on me, other people yes, me no! Can't wait to see the video tho, it won't work on my phone.

    Love the idea of swapping clothes. I always wanted a sister for that very reason!!

  7. you look sooooo cute in my dress!! i actually think you look better in it than i do. i'm dying over your "chantilly" pose. love it!!! you're adorbs, jenna. xoxoxo

  8. I love your new hair and how you've styled her dress! And oh, my! I can't believe you've done Chantilly's poses, hahaha! :P And thanks for uploading the video; you rock!

    Have an awesome week! ;D

  9. i love the dress! :) you have a nice blog :)


  10. love the lip butter on you... and i found it this morning! there was a buy one get one 50% off at the drug store, so i also bought pink truffle, which i wore today :) i love these lip butters!

  11. The black is barely noticeble ;)

  12. Cute!!! I love the purple tights. Where do you take your photos??? What a gorgeous location!!

  13. Hehehehe, I finally watched the video of you. You guys are adorable!!! I would totally giggle over trying to pull serious poses too!

  14. That dress is just gorgeous & I LOVE it with the pearls.
    Your hair looks great, I don't even notice the brown / black xo

  15. That dress looks great! I haven't swapped with any bloggers but lately I've been thinking I should.. Also I have been considering getting glasses from Zenni Optical, and I really like yours!

  16. That dress is so cute and you look geat, dear! <3

  17. I cannot find the Peach Parfait Colorburst anywhere! It's always sold out. I'm jealous, it looks great on you.
    I've never done a dress swap, but I have hosted a clothing swap before, which was a lot of fun. (Everyone brings clothes that are still good but they're tired of - then everyone has a party trying on clothes, walking the fake catwalk, etc. and goes home with new-to-them stuff without spending money. It's a good time.)
    It's my first visit to your blog, I'm off to browse some more!

  18. I love your hair Jenna, so chic! Your Chantilly poses are awesome, it's so awesome you guys both channeled each other :) The video is really cute, looks like you had a fun photo shoot!

  19. Such a pretty dress! I wanted that one really badly but it's far too short on me. :( So sad.

    Love your shoes, too. They're awesome.


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