Hmmm - Yes - Wedding Wednesday Seems Appropriate for this one.

Hey hey now!

Two posts in one week!! Maybe I AM back in the blogging saddle...

So who here has planned a wedding on a small budget? I've actually had people laugh when I told them the budget. Rude.

Anyway - I want to recap as best I can the wedding stuff that's been going on in the past month or so. 

- You saw my makeup trial in Monday's post.

- Met with a florist - booked the florist!
*picture gerber daisies and wildflowers...*

- Caterer has been booked!

- I bought a veil then when I received it I wasn't as much of a fan of the birdcage veil as I thought I would be. My dark and heavy bangs PLUS the veil was just too much. When I received my new one (on the right) I was SO glad I went another route.

- Photographer has been booked. We're lucky that the venue has a back up photographer that is willing to be the main photographer for a super duper affordable price. So yay to that!

- I picked out what the favors will be but will be ordering them further down the line.

- The honeymoon has been booked!!
*The photo on the left is the front and on the right is the balcony off our room!!*

- And I'm super excited about the place we are getting our cake from! And not just because it has a super cute name. - Sugar Rush Confections

- We are still working on the decor...right now it's finding about 20 more picture frames. I was thrilled that I got an offer for 50 free prints from snapfish so at least I have the photos FOR the frames!

- Oh and last but not least...the cake topper. You's the cutest and most amazing thing in the world.

That's Penelope posing as the groom and Trixie as the bride. 
Cutest topper ever...if I do say so myself.

Thank you SOOOOO much for all your hard work Mary!!


So there may have been more updates but it's all been such a wedding blur!!!!!!!

Did you make it all the way down here? I hope so!

So that's about it for this wedding update!

Talk to you soon :)

  1. It sounds like it's all coming together - I remember planning my wedding on a tight budget (yeah, the laughing this is super rude!). Also, I really love the new veil, it looks amazing.

    Courtney ~

  2. Loving the veil, loving the honeymoon location, but LOVING the cake topper. Awesome. I can't wait to see the wedding pics themselves!!!

    Also, my best friend got married a year ago with a wedding on a budget, and it was beautiful. She also got laughed at a few times when she told people her budget, so you're in good company.

    The worst was, she was told that she had waited too long to get her dress-- they got married about 7 months after the proposal, so she went to get her dress about six months before the wedding, and she was told that she was too late because most people get their dresses a year or more in advance... oops. But it all worked out.

  3. People actually laughed at you? Who were these fools who missed the Proper Social Behavior day of elementary school? Sheesh.

    Anyway, I was a bridesmaid a couple of years ago for a friend who had a very small budget. Everything turned out great! She ended up DIYing a lot of things, including the flowers, but it all came out looking very luxe, and definitely more expensive than it was.

  4. to be honest, i love both veils on you :) and your honeymoon place looks like a total dream. glad everything is coming together for you, babygirl!! you deserve the best wedding everrr. xx

  5. Best cake topper EVER! :P And I really like both veils.

    You guys look really cute together!

  6. Penny Farthing!!! We stayed in Attic room. You'll love it!


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