What I Wore - *Wedding Makeup Trial* PS - I DO Still Exist!!

Are you guys still with me?? I hope you're still popping in to see if I've posted!! 

In all honesty...keeping a blog updated is hard. It takes a lot for me sometimes to work a full time job then want to come home and sit in front of a computer. Recently it's been more difficult than it was before. 

Why? One word...wedding.

I know it's not impossible to keep leading a normal life, including regular blogging, and plan a wedding but by golly...that seems to be the case for me!

So with that in mind I want to share the photos that the fiance took of me after I went for my make up trial. I even had my hair curled too so it's a different look than I've shared with you all before! I was even rocking false eyelashes! Man oh man those things are hard to wear for a long time...I was ready to rip them off by the end of the night.


The lipstick is perfection...Make Up For Ever...apparently it lasts 16 hours. It does too...it stayed on all night.

I've made a few changes with my make up artist - Paulina Perez - I want a more natural air brush foundation color and more of a 'blushed' look not so much bronzed contour. I'm not a bride that feels the need to be tan...

Wears Head to Toe - 

Top - Target
Jeans - OLD - I believe they are from Charlotte Russe
Shoes - Rocket Dog


I'd like to devote a post to update you guys about what's been going on in life. My goal is to get the post typed up for Wednesday! I feel so disconnected and I've missed SO much in your lives because I haven't even really been checking blogs! Thank goodness for instagram or I'd be completely disconnected!

So please check back with me in a couple days to get the low down!

Until then...here is a photo from yesterday. The fiance and I went to see the venue because he hadn't seen it yet!!!

PS - In case you're curious - the dress is from a Hautelook sale from a month or so back. The brand is Knitted Dove!

Talk to you soon!!!

  1. You look so pretty, you have one of those beautiful faces that wears make up so well! Lipstick always looks great on you. Im so excited to hear more about the wedding and see the piccies afterwards! and yes that dress is gorgeous! want.so.bad.

  2. Wow, girl, I missed you! So happy when I saw this post pop up in my reader!
    Looking absolutely gorgeous!! xxx

  3. I'm still reading! It helped that you're in my Google Reader. Your make up looks amazing, but I think the things you tweaked were the right things to tweak. I can't wait until we all finally get to see the big day up on your blog! Keep on being adorable :-)

  4. i'm with ya, girl :) you look beautiful. and i'm with ya... i love the way false eyelashes look, but they are SO uncomfortable. xx

  5. You look amazing!!! Hair and Makeup is where I threw down a lot of money. However unlike you, I waited until last minute and didn't get to do a preview. But in the end I still like what I got.

    Congrats babe! I can't wait to see more wedding stuffs. :3

  6. I am in love with your lipstick. I may have to get some for myself. Glad you're back blogging a bit! I've missed you!

  7. You're baaaaaaack!

    That's some killer makeup and hair. You're going to be so awesomely retro!

  8. I'm so happy to see you're back, sweet Jenna! I've so missed reading you and seeing your adorable face!

    I was checking every week if you'd posted anything and sure enough, when I stopped checking you started posting again, haha.

    I've never been able to wear fake lashes and I barely have any :/.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, girl! ;D

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