What I Wore - *Bring on the Flowers*

Hey lovelies!!!

Thank you guys so much for the good wishes on my engagement post!! 

Part of me wants to go into the story but the other part of me doesn't because I promise it is not a crazy "movie-esque" proposal. I feel like I may you guys down!! But of course if nothing else...I'm daringly honest...SO I will share the story SOON!

How was your weekend? I spend the weekend meeting up with girlfriends who wanted to know more about the engagement and also spent some time with my lovely mother to start figuring out a game plan!

Oh before I get to the photos I HAVE to share this amazing deal. Seriously. 
I posted about the places I shop and I've got another one to add to the glasses category.
Ladies who wear glasses please take advantage of this deal!
If you've never purchased glasses from Coastal Lenses you can get a FREE pair of glasses! FREE!! I can't be anymore excited about it. I bought an $88.00 pair of glasses for only the cost of shipping last night! Make sure you have your prescription info!
*These are the glasses I bought!*

If you get a pair let me know which one you get too! There are so many options. I'm giddy about it...it's sad how exciting a new pair of glasses can make me!

Okay, onto the wears!

This is me reprimanding my *now fiance* about taking video of me not photos. He gets that reprimand and face very often.

*Looks like these were taken BEFORE the proposal!*

Wears from Head to Toe - 

Dress - thrifted
Necklace - thrifted
Earrings - World Market
Crocheted Cardigan - thrifted
Belt - it came with the dress!
Tights - Hue tights from Dillards
Shoes - OLD shoes from Dillards the brand is Gianni Bini

A thrift heavy outfit. It's one of my favorite dresses. It's so fun and easy to throw on and go!

Talk to you soon!!

  1. Busy weekend sounds like fun! I love that cardigan, I've got a similar one. We should wear it together and be matching twins!

  2. Thank you for always sharing amazing deals and discounts!!! ;)

    That dress is adorable; I can't believe you can wear such a dress in winter :O.

    Have an awesome week, sweet Jenna! ;D


  3. I love almost all thrifted outfits, it makes me feel like I've accomplished something! lol

  4. Another GORGEOUS dress! I can't believe it was thrifted - what an amazing find :)
    That's your reprimand face? You're far too nice, or maybe I'm just too mean to my man ha ha


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