Random Wednesday - #12

Man oh man! My brain has been all over the place recently. I forgot what day it was! I'd like to blame it on the upcoming (but not yet planned) nuptials but I think I'm just losing my mind.

Oh! I got a new phone! Wooooo hooooo! My iphone is outta here...I just couldn't get with the whole iphone phenomenon. While I am still on instagram (sewsavoirfaire) thanks to my handy dandy ipod I'm just an android girl! I had a MyTouch Slide 3G for the last couple of years but made the switch to the fancy MyTouch 4G Slide yesterday. Thank you craigslist! The camera is AMAZING. So now at least my "random wednesday" cell phone photos won't be so awful. (Most of these were taken with my old phone/iphone)

So let's get this random party started!

My new bag...I LOVE this bag! Are you signed up with Ideeli? It's like groupon and all those discount sites but it's all about fashion/home goods. This beauty is the first thing I've bought from ideeli and I am so glad I did. That little pink thing it's sitting on is my Nook (which the purse has a perfect hidden spot for my nook!)

This photo was part of my #febphotoaday set (10 am) - I love DVR. It gives me the option to pause Channing Tatum. <3

Super bowl Sunday - these two lazy bums got nice and comfy for the big game. No joke...they are watching it!

Another #febphotoaday photo - This one is embarassing but that's never stopped me from sharing something with you! This was day 6 - dinner!! My hair is a mess! That's a after all day in bobby pins hair do.

My little squeaker Trixie. This is the first photo I took with my new phone.

Ahhhhh!!!! My ring! I wanted to share this since the first one I posted was so dark and hard to see. I love it! (I picked it out!)

Just me testing out the front facing camera on my phone : )

Ta da! That's it! Are you participating in the photo challenge? Are you sharing them on twitter or instagram? I'm on both!

Talk to you soon!

  1. Aw your cats are friends with each other! My cats don't like each other very much haha. Congratulations again on your engagement, that is a beautiful ring!

  2. Your ring is absolutely beautiful!!!

  3. Your ring is gorgeous (you have great taste!), but I think my favorite of the above pics is the one with the cats watching the Super Bowl. I'm a sucker for kitties. :)

  4. ***GASP*** It's so pretty and sparkly!!!!
    Yay!!! So excited for you! Now you get to have fun planning all the pretty details! :D
    I'm an idiot - I thought you guys were married already. When I saw the picture I was all like 'she gets TWO rings? I'm gonna have to talk to Todd about that'!!!! I'm still coming out of a food poisoning stupor - I'm slow. ♥

  5. Awe, your kitties like football, haha!

    Love your new bag :P.

    And can't wait to hear more about the wedding plans! :D Yay!

  6. This really is a random Wednesday post! I adore that picture of your ring... so sparkly and shiny... both words mean the same thing but oh well, you get my drift :) Kitties watching Superbowl is also adorable.

    I miss you on Instagram already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You were like one of my only friends that posted regularly.

  7. Aw, yeah! More shots of the bling!

    It's so fabulous. And how fun that you picked it out yourself! I chose my setting, and then Hubs sneakily got the diamond a while later.


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