Random Wednesday #11 - Antiques, cats (again!), and records!

So I feel like every day could be considered random for me.

I swear I try to plan my day and then a pebble of some varying shape and size gets thrown in the spokes and my day goes all wonky.

But alas, I will try to keep some order in my world and make Wendesday the only "official" day of random!

I mentioned on Monday that I'd share what the other 25% of my weekend consisted of today so here it is!

Fun at the antique village!

Man oh man...I spent 2 hours at the Bayard Antique Village last Saturday...and I'm so glad I took my time to really dig into the stuff!

The first photo is of the BOX full of goodies. Yep, they gave me a box, a large part of the village is a giant "barn" that is full of odds and ends. Plus on the outside there are little "cottages" that have specific items like all Christmas items or all shabby chic goodies.

The box has a vintage (union made!) blueberry velvet blazer. Sadly it's not my size so that'll be in the shop eventually. A handful of records. A cute vintage planter. The rest of the items are in the single photos.

I managed to find the PERFECT odds and ends for the much needed coffee table decor. (See third photo) That adorable little bumble bee item is a vintage sugar jar!

Do you have a large outdoors antique mall in your neighborhood? If not...you should come to Jacksonville so we can go to the Bayard Antique mall and shop!! : )

Other random photos -

I'm participating in the photo a day this month! Yaaay! I'll be on twitter and instagram...are you participating?

That's me...in my pj's...that's Trixie ON my pj's.

My Charlie girl eyeing my records that I had just brought home. A box of records for 15 bucks...AND there were a pretty large amount of really good records!

Speaking of records...have you seen this beauty? It's an REO Speedwagon record. Now it is decoration. Come on!! Look at the cool cats!

That's it! That's enough randomness for this week anyway :p

Oh! Did you see my shopping guide? I have to try not to look at it...it makes me want to shop!!

Talk to you soon!!!

  1. I love you being random. I also love that Feb picture taking thing. I'm in! So much love!

  2. Randomness=awesomeness. Just generally :).

  3. The kitty record art is amazing! Looks like something someone would make today. I am also loving that embroidered bag!

  4. great post I love getting lost in thrift stores and antique malls such amazing stuff! I am to the photo challenge too it looks fun :)


  5. doing the photo challenge sorry lol

  6. Your cat is so fricken cute!!! loving the pictures


  7. I love that kitty record cover!!! You should totally frame it and hang it on the wall; it'll look so cool on your wall!

    And I've been thinking about joining the photo challenge, it looks like fun! ;D

    Hope you're having a great day, sweet Jenna! :D

  8. So many goodies!!! All those records for $15 bucks?! That kitty cat REO Speedwagon is worth $15 bucks alone if you ask me...


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