Saturday Finds - Hunger Games Edition

Okay, so I'm still feeling under the weather but I have to delve into something other than being sick, hence my Saturday Finds.

I would ALSO like to say that I finished The Hunger Games series!!! Wahoooooo!!!

I was up until 2 am and had to put down my Nook with 30 pages left in Mockingjay.

I of course woke up this morning and immediately finished it. I am so relieved I don't have to be worried about reading or seeing something that spoils everything. Don't worry...I promise not to include anything today that is a spoiler. 

So hunker down Hunger Games fans or soon-to-be fans...

Mellark Bakery T-shirt via RedBubble - Come on!! I need this. Now just to decide what color and type of tshirt I want. I'm leaning towards blue because of Peeta's much loved eye color but I love the black up against the "light hearted" graphic.

 Hunger Games earrings via Amazon - Okay so these are not affordable by any stretch of imagination (I would never buy them based solely on the price) but I can't help but admire how FREAKING AMAZING they are. 

The Hunger Games Collection via BadBitchCosmetics - AHHHHH!! A whole eyeshadow collection inspired by the Hunger Games? This ticks off two very important boxes in my life...eyeshadow and hunger games.

Gyroscope Necklace via Hot Topic - What? Yes...there is a necklace as amazing as this. It's available for pre-order (ships out next week) on the site. Yes...I have ordered it. How else am I going to navigate through the arena?

Arrow and Moss Necklace via FableandLore - Swoon! I love this! This Hunger Games inspired necklace is so perfectly earthy and strong all at the same time. <3

So have you read the books yet? Are you just starting or almost finished? If you're thinking you are probably the last person to read them...I promise you're not! I thought the same thing until I realized people are just starting to read them all over the place!

Talk to you soon!

  1. those parachute earrings are so cute! great post! i'm so excited for march :)

  2. Love the Hunger Games finds! Feel better soon!

  3. i have the worst habit of accidentally spitting out spoilers so i have not begun the second book until my boyfriend is through the first! i am really looking forward to finsihing the series so i can appreciate these little trinkets the way i do with 'harry potter' inspired ones. =)


  4. I think that last comment was to me. I'm pretty sure I am the last person in the world to read the books. Right I'm going to get in the holds line at the library. I don't know the significance of stuff but I love the last piece with the arrow and the earth. I would wear that anyway!

  5. OOOOMMMMYYYYgosh! I just finished Mockingjay after reading it all day long today! I freaking love/an totally obsessed with this book series. I cannot wait until the movie! I love mind is totally spinning still. I love this post and the items your featuring, rad! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  6. Great finds, super series! This was one I was reading constantly until I finally finished it. I love the earrings!

  7. YES for the Hunger Games! I read it last year and got my husband into it, too.

    And how awesome are those eyeshadows?!

  8. I'm half way through Catching Fire right now and I'm so obsessed with it! I love everything you posted! But those necklaces are perfect!

    xo Jen


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