Fabulous Friday Finds - I swear no wedding items this time!

But I cannot swear that there won't be any cat finds!

So! What's going on in your world? Anything fun going on this weekend?
Who's going to see The Vow with the ever so lovely Channing Tatum?
I grabbed that groupon deal not to long ago for the movie tickets. So my other half and I are anxiously waiting for those to arrive so we can see some movies!

I'm pet sitting for Bella and Griffin this weekend. Maybe I'll get a good photo of them now that my camera on my phone isn't awful.

I'll also be meeting up with my mom this Sunday to start brainstorming about the upcoming wedding. We've gotta figure out the budget and all that not so fun stuff. I'm ready to get the ball rolling!

So now onto some finds!

Watchful Eye Golden necklace via datter - I love this necklace! (There's a matching ring to if you prefer having another eye on your finger instead) :p - It's such a simple yet interesting necklace to wear and can easily be worn on a daily basis because of that.

Custom Felted cat bed via kceknits - Okay this is the oddest cat bed I've seen but you can't deny that a cat would love curling up in this thing, A perfect comfy hiding spot!

Hunger Games Necklace via LoveMontreal - Oh Katniss. How I love your mockingjay pin. I am ALMOST finished with Catching Fire. I have about 80 pages left to go!!!

Reversible Plaid Perfection Cape via thevintagecauldron - How amazing is this?? I love a good cape anyway but this plaid beauty is divine!!

Animal Pillows via vintagejane - AHHHHH!!! I need one of each...maybe two of a cat. Okay two of the fox too. And the deer...obviously my decision making skills are dreadful when it comes to adorable animal pillows.

Bow Tie collar necklace via jessamity - This colorful piece of work is pretty special. I was looking for bow tie necklaces that were made out of metal and THIS is made out of tin! Such a unique piece of wearable art.

That's it! Do you have your eye on any fun finds this week?

Talk to you soon!
  1. haha, you're right about that cat bed... it's so weird, but it would probably look so cozy to a cat! x

  2. bow tie necklace! SO cute xo

  3. I really love that watching eye necklace, it's beautiful.

  4. I want that Hunger Games necklace! And I'm definitely going to see The Vow. I love Rachel McAdams.

  5. All of these are gorgeous but that cat bed is seriously cool!~

  6. I love rom-coms but I only like the super silly ones that don't take themselves too seriously. I can see this one taking itself very seriously so I don't think I'll go and see The Vow.

    Love that cat basket, I can just imagine a cat snuggling up in there.

  7. ahhh those pillows! anything vintage animal is the best!

  8. Those vintage animal pillows are super cute! and that cat basket/bed thing?! I bet that's crazy comfy!

  9. Love your cat finds and love vintagey things!

    Beautiful blog, I'm following :)



  10. OMG! The cat bed and the pillows!!! I want them!!! :P


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