Hey Monday! - Let's Talk About H&M

Hey guys!

So I thought it would be a fun start to the week to share some fun things I snagged during a 20% off sale on H&M a couple weeks ago.

If you don't already know...H&M has a beauty department FULL of pretty things. Namely...nail polish.

Now not all stores carry the beauty items so that means...they have a tendency to be somewhat difficult to find online because they are out of stock. But it's worth it to just keep checking on the site if there is something you're specifically hoping to snag because it'll show up eventually!

I took advantage of the sale by buying nail polish. I wanted to try some of the make up items but...I mean...I have so much make up. Granted I have a large...very large...polish collection too but the polish was really what I wanted to try the most. Not gonna lie...I love the shape of the bottles.

Pictured above are the LE sets that recently were released. Unfortunately the two sets with the bright polishes don't seem to be online anymore but there are three  different versions of nude sets (bottom right is the Fine Vintage set) still available. Some of the polishes in the sets can be purchased individually on the website though. The sets pictured contain - 
Sky High, Make a Splash and Governess
Sunny Side Up, Beach Bunny,  and Sedona
Twenties Taupe, Calotype and Soft Sepia

Now all the pretty polishes shown above I just purchased on their own. No sets were involved! As you can see in the third photo I'm wearing Wildwood. (You may notice Wildwood was missing from the group photo above because I forgot to grab it from my "tried" polishes.)

Also...this is me & again I'm wearing Wildwood. I'm actually still wearing it as I type this up. I've had it on for 2 days now and there isn't a chip in sight. So far so good H&M!
Also in the photo - 
Top from Zulily
Necklace - Archer + Hare
Lipstick - Coloupop Ultra Matte Lip in Bianca
Glasses - GlassesUSA Sophia frame

I hope you guys have a pleasant start to the week...maybe buying some polish will help with that??

Have you tried any items from the H&M beauty line?

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