Hey Monday! - Wet n Wild Beauty - Color Icon Metallic Liquid Lipstick Swatches & Review

Sorry about the lengthy title.

I think I've more or less decided to call any Monday post I put up will start with the "Hey Monday!" phrase in hopes to uplift both myself and other people having the Monday blues.
Is it working?

So anywho. Today I have some swatches and a first impression review for you. That's different eh?

If you follow my IG you'll know it's pretty heavy with lipstick posts. I do love me some lipstick. So I figured I would bring that into the mix.

I bought three of six colors in this new LE line. I couldn't for the life of me find them at any stores near me BUT finally Wet n Wild released them online a week or so ago. PS - they are still available on the website.

The colors you'll see are listed in the order they are shown - 

Peony Express, My Tulips are Sealed, & Coming Up Roses.

My thoughts & review will be at the end of the photos!



Okie dokie. 

Honestly I didn't really like these. Maybe metallic finishes just aren't my thing when it comes to lipstick. 

Now these are marketed as a "liquid lipstick" but not a liquid to matte lipstick. So don't expect these to dry down. In the photo where you can see all three swatches they were on my hand for probably 20 minutes and you can see they are still shiny. They will be more "flat" the more you eat/drink/talk as it will take some of the shine away and show more of the metallic finish BUT they aren't matte. 

My favorite of the three would be Coming Up Roses which is why I decided to share that via a big ol' thumbs up photo while wearing it. Coming Up Roses left the most stain behind while the other didn't leave much of a trace at all. 

Also the texture is a bit odd due to the metallic finish. Not uncomfortable but kind of on the goopy side. Especially for the lighter colors because if you want a more pigmented color you need two layers.

Are they worth the low low price of 2.99? Yeah I would say so. Especially if you're wanting to try the finish. I would personally stick to the more pigmented colors like Coming Up Roses & Indigo Your Way (not pictured.)

I hope you enjoyed the review and yes I know my reviews/thoughts are long-winded...just imagine how long my youtube videos would be if I had a channel!

See ya soon!

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