Friday Finds - Coffee Edition! And a birthday!

Good news lovelies! 

I took the day off work today...and it's lovely to be sitting here watching Rachael Ray's talk show. I don't think I've ever seen it before. 

You may be edition? Why? 

I got myself a fancy coffee machine!

If you follow me on Instagram you've seen these already so sorry for the repeat but I have to share a photo of my new BFF...Magnus. Yes...that's my coffee maker's name.

Check out the teapot...gotta love a good Noah's Arc teapot.

Cheers to our first cups!

Anywho...enough of that. I want to share some fun coffee finds!

I cannot get enough of this coffee canister

Silly chatty Cathy critters! There are so many adorable coffee cups out do I NOT buy too many??

Speaking of coffee mugs that are amazing...Dr. Spencer Reid people!! Is anyone else here a fan of Matthew Gray Gubler??

This Old Fashioned Coffee Grinder is so so neat!

This vintage coffee maker is so dreamy...things like this make me want to remodel my kitchen. That and the fact that I want to remodel it anyway! :)

Last but not least - this absolutely gorgeous coffee colored vintage dress - I want to wear this every time I brew a cup. 

PS - I tried a chai tea k-cup yesterday too and it was spot on. Loved it. 

Do you prefer your coffee black or do you add some goodies into it? What's your fave creamer?


AND...Happy 1st Birthday Trixie!! 

The smallest cat of the bunch but with the largest personality! She gives them all a run for their money!


Talk to you soon!

  1. I have been obsessed with Bailey's Irish Cream Creamer lately. It is amazing.

  2. I love this post - mostly because I'm a coffee fiend...and because of the cats and that amazing coffee coloured dress.

    Courtney ~

  3. Love the coffee canister and the vintage dress :) I'm always seeing loads of great coffee cups but the cupboard is already so full I can't possibly buy more!

  4. I love everything about this post, especially the cat picture at the end. Trixie is ADORABLE. As to coffee... well, at home I drink tea. But, since I live in Seattle, I have begun to drink more coffee out. Vanilla Latte is my go-to drink. Yum!

  5. I luuuuuuuv that vintage coffee maker and cups!!!!!! The dress is very cute too :-)

  6. Happy New Coffee Maker to you!! For the longest time I was a tea girl. Then... a local duo started roasting their own coffee out of this tiiiiiny lil building...well more like a shed. (They are now on their 3rd location) I started with an iced ....Ohhhh myyy gosh!! I am now a full fledged coffee SNOB! And proud of it. When we can't get to "Rook" ( the shop )...and we ran out of our take home grind...I cringe and frown. To have to settle on a can or bag from the local grocery...oh gosh. The pits. I never ever saw this coming..haha!

    I've been wondering about Keurig. check back in with us...let us know how much you like it. :)

    And a Happy Birthday to Trixie!

    Happy Friday!!
    xo Jenny Holiday

  7. Happy birthday Trixie-lou!!!! Love from Auntie Laura!!

    That coffee coloured dress is gorgeous. I would wear it all the time. I'm not a coffee fan but I do love tea. You can have coffee and I'll have a cup of tea.

    Also have we ever discussed Criminal Minds. I feel like we have not. I used to LOVE it but i don't really watch it any more. But I think that Morgan is super smoking hot. Whenever he is on Ellen, it's awesome.

  8. AWE! Happy birthday, Trixie! :D Dante and Dimitri send her a big hug, too! :P

    And, I've always wanted to have one of those coffee machines, yum! :p

    And yay for taking days off work!

    Have a great weekend, Jenna!

  9. love this theme. coffee is one of my favorite things ever.
    happy birthday to trixie!

  10. Coffee is one of my favourite things also <3

  11. Happy Birthday Trixie! I drink my coffee with a lot of milk- currently vanilla coconut milk. I actually prefer iced lattes (strong coffee plus lots of milk!) which I make at work, but can't have at home since we don't have an espresso machine :( Congrats on the new machine!

  12. Oh man welcome to Keurig love! Happy belated birthday Trixie, she is adorable! ^_^

  13. happy birthday to trixie!!! yaaaay!! XOXOXOXOX


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