Random Wednesday #20 - Dancing, Glitter, and Cats!

Hey hey hey!!

I'd like to start this Random Wednesday off by saying...I'm annoyed that my lousy (but awesome) android phone won't update their software until next week. Which means...I can't get the fancy pants new Instagram app for it until then. SO LAME! Okay...I know I have an instagram with my iPod but still...I'm a woman who likes options.

Enough of my mindless whining...

I have to share some good news!
I found a lady selling 25 mason jars for dirt cheap so my husband-to-be and I picked them up yesterday. We'll be using them as part of our centerpieces for the wedding. Yaaay! Chipping away at the to do list bit by bit. 

I have to share this. Because sometimes I think of this video and I crack up. Have you ever seen this gem of a video? Work it out Joe!


I decided to partake in the Photo A Day fun this month since I didn't do it last month. Are you? 

On a non-photo a day note here are so random photos from this past week!

I'm loving my nails right now. Dark blue and mega sparkles. I get so easily distracted when I look at them...

Here's lil' Trixie catching some Florida rays on her fancy cat tree. The tree is taller than I am...but when you have four cats you have to have a big cat tree and they still knock each other off!

I'm sorry Charlie but your hatred for the vet...made for some funny photos. Look at those "I hate you mama" eyes in the first picture! She was just going for a routine check up to make sure she's healthy and what not. You'd think they were spaying her...again. Love her...

This is me last Saturday at the hair salon pre-cut and color touch up. Why is it that you can hate the state of your hair but then when you go TO the salon it seems to be perfect? Maybe that's just me but it drives me nutty!

Now if you haven't watched that video of Mr. Joe Jonas working his thang to Single Ladies...watch it! It'll make you laugh at the very least : )

Talk to you soon!

  1. Oooh, I love the nails! And congrats on getting the mason jars - I remember when I was planning my wedding and how awesome it felt to chip away at the to-do list.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  2. Love the nails! And the cats! And the video! Also, the instagram thing... first world problems ;).

  3. Pretty nails and kitties! :P

    I'll watch that video when I'm back home, I have to rush to the post office and the library now.

    Can you seriously take photos with an Ipod?! :O Wow! I'd been told you could make phone calls, but not take photos.

    Oh, and if you need more mason jars, we bought a box of big ones (1 pint) at Walmart; 12 jars for $10; not too bad ;).

    Have an awesome day, Jenna! :D

  4. I love the glitter nails! very cute cat too


  5. Hahaha! i just now watched the video. It is VERY funny, hehe :p.

    Happy Friday, Jenna!


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