What I Wore - *Throwing Caution to the Wind*

 Okay...before you scroll down...I want to warn you.

I am wearing pajamas. 

Because that's how I spent my Easter Sunday...so this is what I REALLY wore on Easter.

Should I have posted photos of me in my pj's...Lord help me...probably not. 

But...it happened.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who spent Sunday in my PJ's!! 

Yep...laughing at what's happening..."outfit" photos.

Hoping the neighbors are busy and not looking out their windows.

At least it was a pretty day outside...

Yep...didn't stop laughing for the duration of this.

"Wears" Head to Toe - 

Shirt - Woot - It was a deal on the woot website...ProCatstination - I had to have it
Pants - come...they're sweatpants and I've had them for probably 10 years
No shoes...

Real Talk people.

Talk to you soon (if you come back!)

  1. you have awesome pyjamas lady!! I didn't stay in my pyjamas all day though I did put them on at about 6pm! xx

  2. I've never noticed your tattoos, love them!

  3. We had family brunch to go to first, so we got progressively less dressy as the day went on. Started out polished for brunch, changed into casual jeans and sandals for a walk around town, and then put our PJs on around 5:00 as soon as we got home.

    Also, I like the pun on your shirt. Ha!

  4. Adorbs! Looks like an amazing day/outfit shoot!

  5. I wish I had spent Easter in my pjs...it looks awesome!

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  6. haha! that's awesome. :) I love being in my pjs all day.

  7. Now, the last photo is the best!

  8. Hahaha! I practically LIVE in my PJs! I can't stand wearing normal pants or shoes inside the house; never have. When David tells me "You look beautiful today" and I am in my home clothes, I always think he's kidding, haha, and honestly, feel sorry for him for having such a messy looking wife :/. But I don't think I can put up with wearing nice but not-as-comfy clothes when I'm at home, hehe.

    Happy Monday, girl! :D

    Oh, and I totally forgot to tell you that I found the mason jars in the aisle where the pitchers and glasses are.

  9. haha. this post is amazing. thanks for keeping it real!

  10. hahaaa, i love it. and i can't see exactly what the cats on your pj's are doing, but i'm sure it's something really cute. i need more cat-themed pj's in my life!


  11. You look adorable. I love your pj's! :)

  12. It's nice to see that you're not always fabulously dressed!! Yeah, sometimes you just need a PJ day!

  13. lol!! This makes me smile so much. I was in jammies ALL DAY LONG. I had an Easter dress all picked out too. ;P

  14. awesome! i dont look at good as you in my jammies and i didnt leave the house (no garden!) but i did enjoy my pjs allllllllllllll day :)

    this post made me happy and smile! YAY

  15. i'm going to jump through the computer and squeeze the heck out of you koz you are sooo cute!!!!


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