Fabulous Friday Finds! - Gift Guide for Cat Lovers!

Okay okay, I know, I said I would attempt to include LESS cat-esque finds but it's almost Christmas and most people know at least ONE person who is an avid cat fan! Most importantly I don't like spending a lot of money so they are ALL friendly on the pocket book. Woo hoo!

First things first. 

I have a hair appointment tomorrow and I'm *crossing my fingers* that this will be the final appointment for going red. With any luck there won't be any black left after this round!
Speaking of black hair, I debated on going back to black because it's SO much easier, but I thought I would at least go ALL the way red before I went back to black!

Has anyone else went black and decided to try another color? 
I swear I'll never try another color if I go back to black...it's SO difficult to get rid of black!

On to the Feline Finds! 
(Hehe...I'll take any reason to use the word feline)

Cat on a braided rug pin via Pinderella - $13.00 -
I recently purchased a pin for my boss from this shop and it is so pretty and colorful. When I saw all the cat I was pretty excited. A lot of her pins are made to look quilted, like this one, which is such a neat idea. Plus that cat looks extremely cozy!

Wood Magnet (vintage postcard) via MyFathersHouse4 - $3.75 -
I love this magnet. I love it SO much! And how neat is it that it's made out of a vintage postcard?

Phat Cat Spoon Set via toykoroseaccessories - $10.00 -
Not only are these adorable but they are dishwasher safe which is SO important! On the back of the spoons are little fish. So cute! A great addition to a cat lady's kitchen.

Recycled T-shirt Kitty Knots Cat Toys via LooneyJoonTees - $3.50 -
These are great! I actually ordered a set of these a couple days ago for my felines for Christmas. I can't WAIT to get them. I think I'm more excited than I should be. But they are light so cats are able to throw them up and bat them around easy. They will get lost for sure but a really great cat toy find!

Cat Lady print via flapperdoodle - $5.00 -
 Yes please! Two more cats and this would be me! I LOVE this print and all of Kate's other artwork. Really classic designs with fun and spunky twists!
Height of the Morning Mug via Modcloth - This one is the biggest splurge but still not outrageous - $27.99
And the little kitten is a stir spoon!!

Do you have any animal lovers in your life to buy for? Or are you the animal lover...will you treat yourself to any animal-esque item this year? What have you had your eyes on?

PS - Thank you Chrissy for sending such CUTE cat finds to me!

  1. Good luck on your coloring! I changed my coloring for the first time in years and it backfired on me. I usually do a mixture of red and purple, but this time I went all red (just wanted to be brighter) and it looked awesome for the first two weeks, but now it's fading to a pinky/orange...and I don't have the money to get it done for awhile! Big bummer there... Will be staying with the purple/red combo from here on out. Is the Aveda helping keep the color in longer for you?

  2. Jenna! Thank you so much for including my kitty knots cat toys in your blog! This is so appreciated :) Yours should be arriving any day now. Also, awesome cat finds!! Glad I'm not the only one who spoils my felines ;)

    -Caroline & Joon

  3. haaaa, this is such a fun list!! i *love* the flapperdoodle print. x

  4. Too bad I've already finished shopping for my sister. :P haha!

  5. These are so cute. I don't think I've brought anything animal related- shocker!!!!!! Kristy's a cat lady, maybe I could buy something cat related for her. She's a toughie to buy for her. I, of course, found the best present for her... didn't buy it... and then when I went back to buy it- it was gone!

  6. Also... onto Book 2 of Mortal Instruments. That brother/sister thing had better be a fake-out otherwise I'm coming for you Jenna!!!!!!

  7. I love the Flapper Doodle print! Ummm I had a brief period with black hair about 10 years ago. I liked it but then when I was ready to go light again it was a NIGHTMARE plus super expensive! It looks great on you but I'm sure red will be awesome too!

  8. Awe, I wanna see your new red hair! :D

    And keep the cat stuff coming! :P Love the mug in the last pic in particular ;)


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