Fabulous Friday Finds - Farewell 2011!

Woo hoo!!! It's Friday! I'm ready for a three day weekend for sure!

What are your plans for New Years Eve? Are you more of a go out and partay or stay in and watch the countdown type person? 

I am without a doubt...stay in and out of the way of all the party-goers. 

The farthest I plan on venturing out...is on Twitter (nerd alert). 

Caravan Retro Necklace via londonhandmade - This is made out of paper! There was a brooch that I was going to use but it was sold by the time I was typing this up. Love it!

Business Cat via Memesters - Seriously. Business cat looks super snazzy. I would hire him.

Laurel Felt Hair Fascinator via oneLittleM - To say that I am in love with this would be an understatement. The colors are so pretty would be so fabulous for any hair color!

Envelopes made from Vintage 1950 Fashion Magazine via CelessaBazaar - I think these are just too pretty to even use to mail a letter in. Oh, and you get 5 envelopes in one order, gotta love that! 

Through the Looking Glass via WildLifePrints - Hands down...this is my favorite find this week. The colors of this print are so gorgeous and vibrant. (Not to mention...there is a 2 for 1 sale right now!) I've never seen anything like this before...and I love cats. : )

That's it!! 
I wish it was pay day Friday.  
That print would be en route to me!

But I digress and wait for next week. 

If I don't talk to you before the clock strikes midnight on Saturday...Happy New Year!!

  1. I love that Caravan necklace!!! New Years for me is fun when the party is at my home or a friend's home-- I'm not much on the big parties in the city. This year Zan and I are going to a small restaurant in his small town, where a local band will be playing live music. Super excited. Happy New Year!!!

  2. I am definitely a stay in kind of person. I've tried the big night out and it doesn't work for me. I will probably be asleep before 12 anyways. I am SO cool!!!

    I am mega in love with that last print. Off to check it out right now. I have no idea what I would do with it but I heart it a LOT.

  3. Happy New Year, Jenna!
    Hubby and I are curled up sick on the couch...stupid colds. We'll probably be in bed by 11! :D


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