Random Wednesday #6 - Cats Ahoy!

Hey lovelies!
So today I have a lot of random cat photos but at this point...I'm sure you're not surprised!
Also, today is the first day that I'm back and work...no fun! More than anything I wish I was home cuddled with my other half and the kittens! Being a grown up is LAME! : )

Random Photo Time -

This is Trixie. And this is the blanket that my mom got my other half and I for Christmas. Or as Trixie is demonstrating the blanket my mom got for her little kitten butt!

Me and Benny. He's my eldest fur child and until my other half came around he didn't like ANYONE besides me. Part of me considers him a traitor and the other part of me is glad he's not trying to kill the other half. (And this is me in my PJ's more than likely right smack dab in the middle of the afternoon)

I got the cutest and sweetest Christmas card from Miki! I love the little dressy kitten on her stool! She even put together what must've been a large scoring word in Scrabble for me : )

Lastly, this is my little terror Benny again, he saw a gecko in between the door and the screen door and just had to have it. Of course this was an impossible task unless he managed to get past the glass. So I thought I would assist him with getting a closer look. (I had to stand on a chair)

He is literally standing on my arms (can you see his little paws on my wrist?) Apparently he trusts me to support ALL of his kitty weight! In case you haven't noticed...he's a big kitty!

That's it! See what happens when I am off of work for so long...I just take photos of cats way more often than I normally do! : )

Talk to you soon!

  1. oh my goodness... the blanket makes trixie look like she's cuddling with a few other cats! so adorbs. x

  2. Oh, my! Benny really wanted to get that gecko! ... Erm, I totally had to look up "gecko"; shame on me! As if the TV ads for Geico weren't obvious enough, bahaha!

    And, awe, my card is there, too! :D

  3. Aw, you become crazy cat lady during your vacation time! Completely understandable!!! It's probably just as well I live with someone who owns dogs otherwise I would have 25 cats and counting. I just love their snugglesome ways!!!! My fave picture is of the one of you and Benny snuggling. Too cute indeed! And I have used far too many exclamation marks in this comment. Oh well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS You are correct in your summation that being a grown up is lame.


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