It's that Time Again - Fabulous Friday Finds!

I am so so ready for the weekend!

So far my plans consist of making a wreath and POSSIBLY ornaments. 

And I'm going to start taking photos of the vintage items for my shop, slowly but surely it's all coming together. PS - if you want to stay up to date on items that'll be in the shop come by my facebook page, I am in the process of making albums for items that will be in the shop, and eventually will use them to give sneak peaks of the items before being listed on Etsy. 

Okay enough of all that! 

Here are the finds - 

Bow Ballet Flat via UrbanOG - These beauties come in three different colors and I am obsessed with them! Such fun flats!

Navy Sailor Dress via Love Clothing - I know, I know...I'm kinda a sucker for nautical notions but it's sooooo cute!

Vintage Retro 1965 Ford Ice Cream Truck via KarasPartyIdeas - This amazing for sale...on ETSY!! Of course pick up would probably be best but it is so friggin' perfect!

Antique Porcelain Tea Kettle via BootsNGus - Such a pretty kettle, I love the shape of it, and the flower embellishments are divine!

Stump Ring via Digbyandiona - Okay, pretty expensive, but still what an awesome ring! This takes the customized jewelry cake!

So what are your plans for the weekend? Have you decorated for the holidays yet? We STILL haven't...hopefully we'll get the chance this weekend!

PS - Don't forget to enter the KittyKeyCaps giveaway because they are awesome and super cute!

  1. Omg, I love that ice cream truck and the "tree stump" ring. What wonderful, wonderful finds!

  2. OMG, that ice cream truck is uh-mazing!! So cute! Happy weekend xxx

  3. WOW. that ice cream truck is really something special!

  4. Ahh, that stump ring is amazing!!!!! want!!!! Not that I have anyone's name to carve in there but I think it's such a cute, unique idea.

  5. AWWWW every single one of those fabulous finds is just darling! I am a HUGE fan of that little sailor dress!

  6. I LOVE sailor dresses and shirts! And oh, my! Those shoes are great! :p

    Have a fun week, Jenna! :D


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