What I Wore - *Yellow and Flowers at the Antique Village*

'Ello Lovelies (I just went British there for sec...sometimes it's just a necessity)

How was your weekend? Did you do any Christmas related activities? 
I'm happy to report I did everything I had planned on doing!

-I made a wreath.
-I made a little forest of Christmas trees
-We set up the tree
-And I took photos of some of the items for the soon to open shop

PS - I'll be posting photos of the wreath, the trees I made, AND my Christmas tree tomorrow!

These outfit shots are from the past weekend when my other half and I went to the Bayard Antique Village done the street from us. We took the shots in my favorite little house, it's all shabby chic items, plus I took some photos of the "wild" animals roaming around. 

The white coffee table behind me...I love it...and it's a fair price of $50 bucks!

The blue mirror behind me is so quaint and delicate. It's got a cute little awning like shelf on it too. <3

Goodbye lovely mirror!

A wild cat in it's natural habitat of the Antique yard. What a life. Shade, a swinging bench, food, water. They seem very content!

Another one! The only cats that are there are grey cats. There are at least 4 of them but I'm sure there are more. I wonder if my Benny was there if I could pick him out of the crowd!

Antiques AND cats...always a good day at the village!

Wears Head to Toe -

Dress - a Forever 21 dress via ebay
Belt - thrifted
Tights - Target
Shoes - UrbanOG

Stop by tomorrow for some Christmas photos!

PS - One more day to enter the KittyKeyCaps giveaway!

  1. Cute dress! I think I remember seeing it F21 a while ago, but I was too tall for it. Womp, womp.

    We put the tree up this weekend, too. I did a red theme this year.

  2. So I've been MIA for awhile- LOVE how the red hair is turning out! Very cute dress, too- the outfit fits in perfectly with the shop (and some great finds!).

  3. Love the outfit and I love that white coffee table! Only $50??? Amazing!

  4. jenna, you look perfect!! i love your belt and tights!

    we haven't set up our "tree" yet- even though it's this 2-foot-tall little thing with all the lights and ornaments already on it. ha!


  5. LOVE this outfit, its prefect for some thrifting! :)

  6. I totally thought that you'd taken your cat with you when I first saw that picture!! I was like "woah, Jenna is dedicated to getting cute shots" :)

    We have one giant warehouse near where I live (I should visit it again) filled with vintage stuff. It's all a bit crappy and over priced but I love wandering around. And I love the sudden urge I'm filled with to buy random stuff. Why yes, I *do* need sausage dog book ends. PS I would totally buy those if they existed.

  7. This outfit is so cute! My friend has that dress too and I love it. Aren't yellow tights the best? I've been so obsessed with them lately! You look adorable!

  8. Love your outfit! And oh, my! Was the cat for sale, too? Hahaha! :p


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