Random Wednesday #5 - Bleach, cats, and Missoni!

Hey everyone! It's time for another round of random! 

(Don't worry, the bleach and the cats are not in the same photo!)

Though a lot of the time I feel like my days in general are pretty darn random. But that's okay...I'm 100% okay with that! Are your days really structured and planned out? Even when I try it doesn't always work out like that. Especially at work...I can't plan anything because something pressing always comes up and needs attention!

Okay, sorry, I'm rambling! 

Photo time -

Me at the salon last weekend getting the last major portion of black and brown roots out of my hair! Not gonna lie...it was an uncute look but I had fun with the yellow roots)

In case you can't see it - that's a sequined poinsettia in my hair - yep.

This is my other half, and this is Trixie, and this is how she sleeps. She climbs up on me or Mark when we go to bed and usually we wake up like this too.

This is such an awful photo, because all my random photos are taken with my phone, but this is my fancy and fabulous new Missoni bike! Eeeek! My other half bought it for me for Christmas. 

Lastly, this is Puss in Boots, and he is my tried and true diving companion. Command Strips work pretty perfect for adhering a plastic Puss in Boots to your car dashboard. 

Random Facts - 

Georgia Peach Vintage is open for business AND I made a fancy coupon code to celebrate the opening. VINTAGELOVE will getcha 10% off. Little by little I'm adding items. I try to add 2-3 each day. I ordered some business cards too but I won't keep talking about the shop. I'll share them another time!

Eshakti is offering 50% off discount cards!! Seeing as I've never gotten a bad dress from them I had to get one. So for $50 bucks you can get a $100 gift card! 

* I'm STILL not finished shopping for Christmas gifts!! Ahhhh!

* Who watched the season finale of Dexter? I don't want to spoil it SO please feel free to tweet me or email me if you want to talk about the craziness of it!

Please tell me I'm not the only one that hasn't finished Christmas shopping! Do you have any left to do?

PS - Congratulations to Chantilly for reaching her Kickstarter goal! You deserve it and so so much more!
  1. Hahaha, I love the first pic of you in the hair salon! :P

    Eeerm, we haven't finished getting stuff for Christmas. It turns out we have to cook something to bring to David's aunt house on Christmas Eve. Aaand, even though I'd thought we weren't going to buy any gifts at all, David wanted to get a couple for her brother's family and parents ... We've only bought 50% of the gifts :/.

    Kudos to your other half for getting you the Missoni bike! And for letting Trixie use him as a mattress, hahaha! ;D

    Have a fab Wednesday, girl!!! :D

  2. Oh, oh! I forgot to say that I want to see your business cards!!!! :D

  3. Such a cute kitty. :) I'm off to check out your shop!

  4. I want you to know that I read your blog; I'm just a lurker. :/

    Anyhow, your hair looks incredible.

  5. That photo of Trixie is adorable!! I had one foster kitty that tried to sleep like that with me, I was not having it... sleep is too important :) The bike looks fabulous, as does your hair. Loved the accessory, I love that with Christmas you can get away with wearing sparkles!

  6. LOL! Our new kitty, Mister, sleeps on us. Only I sleep on my back so there is a crushing weight on my chest most of the night!

  7. Lovely photos :)! I have so much Christmas shopping left to do, don't you worry.


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