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Hey everyone!

Do you have a three day weekend? 
My husband has the day off school so that's pretty exciting. He will have his head in the books for the majority of the day though!

Today I have a Bear Pawlish to share with you!
Yay BP!

Oh and make sure to swing by my Instagram (@ThatGalJenna) to see a full sun video of this polish! Wowza!

Coats -
Two coats. No issues with application or formula.
Color Intensity -
Now this is an interesting color. One of those colors that you are either madly in love with or you're not a huge fan. I think it's pretty nifty because I don't have any color like this. It's rich but can easily be a fall/winter polish or a spring polish because it's bright at the same time. And let's face it...the sun loves this the warmer weather days will really make this beauty shine.
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Pretty Serious

Where to find Bear Pawlish -

Hopefully in the near future I will be able to post with better photos. 
Possibly as early as next week? 
We shall see. 

I will see you tomorrow!

That Gal...signing off!

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