Mid-Week Coffee Break - Fireball Cocktail, Candy Colored Cottage, and Arctic Cookies

Hey guys!

I'm up early today...and I'm typing this with a 16 oz cup of coffee in my lap. So this seems like a fitting post to type up! Normally I write my posts the day before it goes live because I like to post each day at 9 am. I didn't want to get out of the habit of writing my posts prior to the day they go live in case I actually get a job at some point!

However, last night I hit the hay early, and left my coffee break post for today! I'm excited about the coffee break finds I'm sharing today! So let's get started shall we?

I just love this mug. Not because I understand anything on it but at first glance I immediately think of my scientist hubby and it made me smile <3

This living room/kitchen/dining room is magical. Everything is perfection. I need it in my life. Check the source link to see lots more of the fabulous!

While the seahorse pillow isn't my personal favorite...I am IN LOVE with this bay window.

I wouldn't mind having my coffee here...that's for sure!

Polar bears hold a special place in my (and my husband's) heart. I love the story behind these cookies and cookie cutters. There is a recipe in the source link also!

My hubby and I were watching Ellen one day and Chris Pratt was on it. He mentioned his love of Fireball Whiskey. I had never even heard of it but it sounded intense. I'm a lover of Hot Tamales so I was intrigued. I saw this recipe and thought...I'm so on board for this!

Have you tried the fireball whisky before? 
So far Chris Pratt is the only person that I've heard talk about it! Is it pretty intense?

I hope you enjoyed your coffee break with me this week!

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