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Oh my.

So sorry for the radio silence this past week! It was unplanned...hence why I didn't mention it in my post last Monday...but I'm happy that I took the mini break.

My husband, who is in grad school, ended up getting the week off of school/work. It was unexpected and last minute. I figured the best use of my time would be to spend it with him since he's been so busy recently!

I'm back in 2015 with my regularly scheduled programming.

First up in 2015 I've got a NerdLacquer for ya.

NerdLacquer has been restocking recently. I think three or four time in the last two or three months. So why not post a little something? Better yet...this one is still in stock on the site! 

(hot orange spiked with turquoise glitter, translucent blue flakes, plus aqua and purple shimmer)
 Coats -
Three thin coats. No issues with formula or application.
Color Intensity -
I know orange isn't always a favorite but this orange is so bright but soft all at the same time. The mix of colors in the glitter...amazing. A MUST have if you ask me!
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - 

I hope you had a lovely New Years Eve/Day and are enjoying the start of the new year!

I will see you again tomorrow!

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